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On Wisconsin

Posted by schroeder915 on November 28, 2006

I’m back!

Observations from my road trip up to Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday:

  • I crossed the Tallahatchie Bridge in Mississippi.

  • Stars!

  • Graceland smells like a toilet from the highway.

  • A huge meteor from the Leonid meteor shower streamed green before disintegrating over East Prairie, Missouri.

  • The road that travelers take to visit Ronald Reagan’s birthplace of Tampico, Illinois, is (appropriately) a toll road. In fact, across 1200 miles of travel, it was the only toll road I encountered — and expensive at that: $1.90 per toll. Including the additional toll I had to pay because the signage for the exchange off ramp was so poor, I spent $5.70 to get the hell out of Illinois.

  • There’s a no-fee ATM in Madison next to the bookstore.

  • Wisconsin farm country north of Madison smells like cheese curds.

  • Coming back down to New Orleans from Wisconsin, I observed that Mississippi has the prettiest scenery along the I-55 of any state. Wisconsin and Louisiana are close seconds.

The Glaciers which made Wisconsin hilly didn’t reach the flat farmland of Illinois. In their own way, the wide open spaces are still beautiful.

State Street, Madison.

Memorial Union overlooking Lake Mendota must be one of the finest student unions in the country.

One of the best sledding spots on a cafeteria tray in Madison is Observatory Hill.

Driving back to Louisiana, a piece of the Natchez Trace on a foggy morning.

The forests alongside the Natchez Trace contain a wide variety of trees. The leaves from this tree were among the most colorful.

I knew I was back in New Orleans when I hit this traffic jam in Metairie.

More photos.

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