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A change is gonna come

Posted by schroeder915 on March 11, 2007

Not that I mind people seeing ol’ boneless chicken when they visit, but I truly am falling behind. The Times-Picayune’s Mark Schleifstein, Bob Marshall, and Dan Swenson get enormous accolades for adding kindling to the fire by underscoring how important it is that Louisiana reverse the destruction of coastal wetlands in the next ten years! I may have more to say about that at another time, because I also have some great NASA imagery and reports on global warming and sea level rises that I’ve been holding on to.

Yep, after months of plotting, tweaking, evaluating, and screwing around, PGR is about to make the last move to a new host. Get ready to update those links, because a change is gonna come! This week! Bear with me, and then I’ll put all those juicy sidebar links back that used to be in the Blogger PGR.

I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. For now, I’ll just say I’ve been busy aiding other projects vital for the recovery of New Orleans. I ask everyone to join in these efforts to make a difference for a city we love, and which deserves our love in return.

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President Bush: Commit to Cat 5 storm protection and coastal restoration!

Posted by schroeder915 on March 1, 2007

President Bush,

On your visit to New Orleans today, note that a full year and a half has passed since the federal levee system failed, and you still haven’t committed to preventing such a disaster from occurring again. If you aren’t already aware that it was the levees, not the hurricane, that destroyed New Orleans, go visit Leake Avenue where people with flood-damaged homes have lined up outside the Corps of Engineers’ building to file their Form 95 claims against the Corps.

You, Mr. President, have a responsibility to commit adequate resources to compensate victims, to rebuild this city, to repair the institutional morass that created the disaster in the first place, and to protect America’s most unique cultural city from future disasters.

Your six-month hiatus from New Orleans, and your failure to mention New Orleans in your State of the Union address, are totally unacceptable. You can start to make up for those failures by committing today to a plan, to funding, and to targeted completion dates, for true Category 5 storm protection and coastal restoration.

So little has happened in the last year and a half, that I don’t even have to restate the arguments for Cat 5 storm protection and coastal restoration. I’ll just refer you to the post I wrote six months ago, and these letters which reflect the sentiment of all New Orleanians …

T-P letters:

President Bush has proposed allocating another $1 billion to “create jobs and help reconstruction in neighborhoods. . . . to help rebuild from the bottom up, from schools to local government to political interest groups.”

The president was speaking, of course, not about New Orleans, but about Iraq.

As I witness the destruction of my city on a daily basis and hear the continued pain of its citizens, it is surreal that my tax dollars continue to flow to the rebuilding of Iraq.

Kathy Meunier
New Orleans


The solution to our crime problem was just answered by President Bush in his address to the country the other day.

From now on, murderers, thugs, drug dealers, etc. will be called insurgents by the New Orleans media and all government officials.

Once we have established to the rest of the country that New Orleans is under attack by these insurgents, President Bush will go to Congress to plead for billions of dollars in aid and to send additional troops to the epicenter of insurgency in the United States: New Orleans.

Lee Scherman
New Orleans

Out of Iraq into New Orleans!

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As New Orleans goes, so goes the nation

Posted by schroeder915 on December 13, 2006


Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center:

A new study of the mass of ice capping Greenland reveals that the giant ice sheet burying the island has rapidly lost mass in recent years due to melting and iceberg calving. Between 2003 and 2005, the island’s low coastal areas shed 155 gigatons (41 cubic miles) of ice per year, while snow accumulation in the interior of the ice sheet was only 54 gigatons per year. The amount of ice lost in two years is roughly the same as the amount of water that flows through the Colorado River in 12 years.

Sheila Grissett, The Times-Picayune:

[Peter] Shelley said he believes he saw the kind of destruction that awaits other communities in the United States and beyond if policymakers don’t address climate changes that are increasing coastal erosion and, some scientists posit, possibly increasing the ferocity and frequency of hurricanes. …

“Why have we not seen action commensurate of the threat? Why has the robust and compelling body of climate change science not had a greater impact on action, especially in the United States?” asked [Daniel] Abbassi, who is associate Dean for Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and who just published a new book, “Americans and Climate Change — Closing the Gap Between Science and Action.”

The bottom line, he said, is that science and the conservation and restoration community must learn to better explain — in everyday terms, to everyday people — that melting ice caps a world away are linked to the rising levels of water at the back doors of Louisiana and other coastal states.

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet is even more troubling than the melting of arctic ice because the Greenland ice sheet is on land, whereas arctic ice is floating and may already be displacing sea levels. Melting Greenland ice will positively contribute additional height to sea levels.

The terror seen in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina is coming to your town. Fifty-three percent of the U.S. population lives a coastal zone, but water management issues should also be on the agenda of people who live inland, such as in the Sacramento area.


What happens in New Orleans, South Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast should be on the agenda of the new Congress and 2008 presidential hopefuls, because as New Orleans goes, so goes the nation.

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We all sink or swim together

Posted by schroeder915 on December 11, 2006


Karen Carter won the 2nd Congressional District runoff in Orleans Parish, west of the Industrial Canal.


Because that’s the base of support for the reforms of state and local government. Organizations like Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans spawned a renaissance of better, more responsive, more transparent, more accountable, and more effective government, from this area of the city.

Who benefits from those reforms?

Everyone! Including you numbskulls on the Jefferson Parish West Bank who have the worst levees in the region. Guess what Jefferson Parish: You’re way, way behind the curve as far as government reform goes. Take a look at the guy running the Parish, and your chief law enforcement officer. Transparent? Effective? Accountable?

If that damned hurricane moved ashore just 20 miles west of Waveland, you’d have been sunk — literally! You almost bit the bullet with Hurricane Rita. As it was, some of your homes did flood from drainage canal overflows. And that rough-shod privately built Harvey Canal was ready to spill over when Hurricane Rita hit.

By cynically voting for the guy with marked bills in his freezer, you’ve hurt all of us. The entire nation is looking at the way you cynically voted for Dollar Bill, overlooking the fact that we’re the ones doing all the heavy lifting. In the end, we’re all being punished by the rest of the nation because of the way you voted.

Think again about where your priorities are West Bank. The same goes for all of you people out there in Kenner.

We all sink or swim together. Maybe it’s time for West Bankers to learn how to swim.


“Mommy and daddy, why did you vote for the crook?”

Let’s talk about the racial thing, again

Cynicism wins in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana loses

Your Right Hand Thief — Thanks Best Bank!


Algiers vote:

Karen Carter: 2,201 (precincts on average 70 percent white)
Bill Jefferson: 2,815 (precincts on average 72 percent black)

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Urge Congress to support revenue sharing for Louisiana

Posted by schroeder915 on December 6, 2006

In response to an “FP” comment in a previous post, I’m posting the latest campaign initiative by Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans:

For the September 30th election we rallied successfully to VOTE 1-2-3. Constitutional amendments #1 and #2 dealt with coastal erosion. Amendment #3 pertained to levee board consolidation and reform. Levees and Coastal erosion are critically connected. The most important bill to give Louisiana funds to restore our coastline is coming up on Tuesday in Washington. The OCS Revenue Sharing Bill, S.3711 [H.R.4761], will give Louisiana and other producing states a share of offshore royalty payments. The bill will require two thirds vote and if approved go directly to President Bush to sign. …




For years Louisiana has helped all Americans in many ways. Now she needs the help of Americans to come to her help. On Tuesday, December 5th the US Congress will hear a bill that would give Louisiana a portion of the Oil and Gas Revenues that are produced off her coastline. We need this revenue source to help us rebuild our coast. Please help us by e-mailing the Senators and Representatives from your state to support this measure.


The Problem
Between 1932 and 2000, coastal Louisiana has lost over 1,875 square miles of land. Approximately 24 square miles of Louisiana land turns into open water each year. The primary and unintentional cause of this land loss is the system of levees that has been built to prevent the Mississippi from overflowing its banks. This results in 120 million tons of sediment flowing into Gulf of Mexico and off the continental shelf. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which devastated the entire Gulf Coast of Louisiana, accelerated this process by converting approximately 217 square miles of marsh to water.


The Solution
Louisiana has created the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana (CPRA), which is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders in this process. CPRA is currently conducting public hearings on its comprehensive plan for coastal redevelopment. By constitution amendment the state has dedicated all revenues from Offshore Oil and Gas revenues to go towards restoring the coastline, which will be overseen by CPRA. Louisiana has the potential to receive $200 million over the first ten years and more in later years as the revenue sharing provisions would expand to new wells.


Why Louisiana Matters to Everyone


Oil and Gas Industry
9,300 miles of pipelines cross the marshes of coastal Louisiana. The network of energy facilities located in and around the Louisiana wetlands produces or transports nearly 1/3rd of the nation’s oil and gas supply, and is tied to 50% of the nation’s refining capacity. 80% of the nation’s offshore domestic oil and gas supply is transported through these wetlands.


Water Transportation
10 major navigation routes are located in South Louisiana. 5 of the busiest ports in the US, ranked by total tons (469 tons), are located here. This represents 19% of annual US waterborne commerce.


Louisiana is by far the nation’s largest shrimp, oyster, and blue crab producer and provides 26% of the commercial fish landing in the lower 48 states.


The North American Flyway passes directly over south Louisiana. More than 5 million migratory waterfowl spend the winter in Louisiana’s marshes. The Mississippi River provides drainage for 41% of the continental US.


Please help us by contacting your senators and representatives today. We need your help. URGE them to support the OCS Revenue Sharing Bill.


Thank you very much.

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