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Is commercial radio listening to you?

Posted by schroeder915 on November 15, 2006

When was the last time local broadcast media — radio in particular — did a detailed story about your neighborhood’s planning process?

Has the local broadcast media covered the move by the Archdiocese to destroy the architecturally and culturally unique St. Francis Cabrini Church, scheduled to fall under the wrecking ball this Friday?

Do you think you might like to have some airtime to get the word out about your neighborhood battles?

You could, if you had an outlet.

First, you need to challenge the broadcasting license of a commercial broadcaster.

If the guys who get paid to cover important issues of concern to the community aren’t serving the community, then they don’t get to keep their broadcasting licenses. We just need to remind them, and the FCC, of that small detail.

When they do hire talent, broadcasters need to make sure they hire hosts who are well-informed and balanced in their interviews. That’s not what we’re getting with WWL. Neither is it what we’re getting with that other new Republican radio station. In their lineup of crooks and liars, at least “The New 99.5” Clear Channel/Fox News station in New Orleans “didn’t hire ex-FEMA head Mike (heckuva job) Brown.” But it can’t be too far off given the Bush regime apologists they hired as hosts.

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Got neighborhoods?

Posted by schroeder915 on November 5, 2006


A graphic produced by the New Orleans-based Urban Conservancy.

Will our neighborhoods be saved? The level of investment in rebuilding the infrastructure of our neighborhoods will in large part determine how liveable they are in the future. So who should be allowed to make those decisions, and when will planners finally get down to the business of determining what the projects are, rather than continuing to poll us for how we feel, generally, about levees, hospitals, and schools?

The perspective of two Treme residents on the first Unified New Orleans Plan Community Congress was posted yesterday on the Community Gumbo site.

In his role as the Executive Director of the Tipitina’s Foundation, Bill Taylor is a strong advocate for preserving New Orleans neighborhoods as purveyors of New Orleans’ musical culture. Tipitina’s is hosting a fundraiser Monday night to benefit New Orleans musicians.


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