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John Kerry is a two-time loser

Posted by schroeder915 on November 3, 2006


John Kerry is a two-time loser for not fighting back against the right-wing lie machine now, and in 2004. He withers under pressure. I wholeheartedly support his views, but he doesn’t display conviction defending his views, his record, and his personal integrity.

So go away John Kerry. It’s people like you who have the spotlight that make it even harder for people like us in the trenches to fight the right-wing fascist takeover of our government. This November 7th may be one of the most important elections in history to change the direction our country is headed under the Bush Republican corporate war machine, corporate-welfare state. This is not the time for lily-livered withering flowers.

Yes, you bravely volunteered for service in Vietnam, but where was your anger when you were attacked by “Swift Boat” lies about your record of service? George W. Bush got his daddy to send him to the Mexico border to fly planes in the Air National Guard — while you and other brave soldiers did their duty for, yes, it must be said, a damned cause — but partying was more fun for George than duty.

Yes Mr. Kerry, it’s true that George W. Bush is a total idiot, but why don’t you say what you mean instead of spinelessly posting a retraction on your Web site? Whether you meant to say that Bush is an idiot whose policies have cost the lives of over 2800 American soldiers, over 21,000 wounded, and scores of thousands of Iraqis, or you meant to say that the military opportunistically recruits kids flunking out of school, you could have defended what you meant more forcefully.

We wouldn’t be having this discussion about Kerry if the right-wing hypocritical religious right didn’t have a stranglehold on our government and our media — thanks to the opportunistic “family values” Republican Party. But thank you Mark Foley and Ted Haggard for showing the world that “family values” was a mere tool to distract your supporters so you could pursue your own tawdry thrills, molesting minors and paying for sex with prostitutes while hypocritically opposing civil unions, stem cell research, and reproductive choice.

Finally, let’s bring attention to the fact that the media is responsible for engaging us in much of this ridiculous chatter at a time when we — every American — should be dedicated to the fight of saving lives in Iraq and on the Gulf Coast, to the fight of stopping global warming and conserving energy, to the fight of saving our nation from financial bankruptcy to China, to the fight for scientific progress, and much, much more that Bush administration and the Republican Congress have bungled.

There was a time before Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh, when the Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to offer air time for opposing views. That served as a brake on ridiculous right-wing lies.

We need the Fairness Doctrine restored. Our democracy, our choices, and our nation’s destiny, are not served well when major media organizations are for one party or another, rather than providing intelligent discussion of critical issues.

We should also keep in mind how much money media corporations earn from the back-and-forth accusations from extreme political corners, when most of America is in the middle somewhere. In addition to restoring the Fairness Doctrine, we should require media corporations to allow free political speech on our air waves, and on our regulated cable monopolies.

Vote this coming Tuesday, November 7th. Vote Democratic. When we citizens take back the House and Senate from the morally repugnant, politically corrupt, Republican Party, then we can start to fix the problems our nation confronts.

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