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When the road leads nowhere

Posted by schroeder915 on December 11, 2006

Ray in New Orleans is a housegutting machine. He recently got a good soul food meal, and lot’s to think about at a Common Ground site:

There is no Road Home for renters, there was no renters insurance, so everything he owned is gone and isn’t coming back and there’s nobody around who’s going to help him replace it. …

So he has a chicken and egg problem. One of the many chicken and egg problems that people face. He can’t rent his own place without a job, but he can’t get his old job back without first getting his own place. So he feeds the Common Ground house gutters while he tries to sort out how to get sorted out.

You might think that was posted sometime last year after Hurricane Katrina. Surely people must be moving on with their lives by now, right?


Ray posted that story YESTERDAY. Hard-working people who CAN work, who have skills, are being punished because the federal disaster response to the federal disaster has been a pathetic disaster.

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