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Mardi Gras 2007

Posted by schroeder915 on February 21, 2007


It’s hard to choose favorites, but after a cursory glance at my Mardi Gras photos as a whole, I’d have to say that this wins the prize for the best political costume — Uncle Sam leading Louisiana around on a leash would ask people if they wanted money, and then ask if they were from Louisiana. If they answered yes, Sam would pull back the money and nonchalantly quip, “Oh. Well you can’t have any.” (Related: Roxanne at Pandagon made reference to a pretty good Wall Street Journal article about why the recovery isn’t happening).

The wrestlers win for best group costume as well as for the day’s best performance.

It was a glorious day. After a week of chilly weather on the parade route, the sun came out and warmed up the streets for maskers, and the rain was held at bay. The joy in the streets was palpable. This is a town like no other. For all of her troubles, on a day like this, the grief, the misery, the exasperation, are all momentarily suspended as revelry reigns supreme.

More photos.

I captured this video (wmv) on my little Canon A510 not so much for the images, but for the sound. Here’s one of those occasions where I wished I had brought my audio recording gear with me, and in particular, wished I had talked more to the creators of the float (hint: if you know who these people are, please let me know — I’d still like to talk to them). The reason I’m so interested is because, after listening to the video, I realized that the singer of the song “The Opposite Machine” was Paul Gailiunas. The float designers must have been friends of his. Oddly enough, I was thinking specifically about Paul when I traded in a trouble card for a prize. The song can be found on the “Here Come the Troublemakers” CD. The Opposite Machine wins for best sentiment and idea implementation.

Here’s a short video (wmv) of the Krewe of St. Ann band playing “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In.” The joy of such celebrations shared in the streets is in marked contrast to the hateful Christian tourists marching around with their loathsome banners while stealing glances at titties. I considered for a moment catching video of a guy who was protesting the Christians in Jackson Square by drowning out their megaphones with one of his own. He just kept repeating ad nauseum, “Stop the hate. Stop the hate. Stop the hate.” I remarked to one of the Christians who begged me to take some of the water nobody would accept at the table piled high with donated clothing nobody needed that, “People don’t need clothes anymore — they need houses. You should be building houses.”


8 Responses to “Mardi Gras 2007”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I saw a lot of the people yesterday that you photographed. I hope you had as much fun as we did. Happy Mardi Gras!

  2. If you saw the photos, Chica, then you know I certainly did šŸ˜‰

  3. Sophmom said

    It’s probably best that I sit here, far away, looking at the pictures. I’m afraid *that* much fun would give me a heart attack. Honestly, I might have had one just seeing you, darlin’. Mr. Cooper wrote a fine article. I think we should all chant in unison: “It’s the Stafford Act, Stupid!”

  4. Editor B said

    Sorry I missed you. Sounds like we were practically rubbing elbows there by the river.

    I saw the Opposite Machine only briefly. Hopefully it will make an appearance at the jazz funeral tomorrow.

    I also saw a golden stencil on the sidewalk that referenced Helen. We theorized that it might have been a product of the Opposite Machine.

    Personally I thought the Christians were lame this year. They didn’t bring their “A” game. Why, one year, I remember breaking up a fist fight in front of St. Louis Cathedral. This year, nothing. No sense of drama. Completely boring. Isn’t that the ultimate sin on Mardi Gras?

  5. Kewl! I saw some of the same people… I particularly laughed Tuesday at the two Nuns with “Vice Squad” on their habits. When I saw them, they were both strutting down Canal Street smoking cigarettes. Funny as hell.

    I ALMOST went for body painting at that bar (what was the name of it?) on Bourbon St… I actually went in there, and got in line, but it was taking too long, and anyway I was getting plenty of beads without the paint. Plus, I’ve been body painted enough in my life. Let the other girls play.

    Baccus was great — watched near the end on Peters. Watched Zulu on Canal and then walked “up” the Zulu route to Poydras. Ate too much. Drank too much ($9 hurricanes in a styrofoam cup). Fell in LOVE with the old guys in Pete Fountain’s Half-Fast Walking Krew on Tuesday morning. Loved the jazz and the street performers at the French Market and on the river…..

    Take me back!!!!!!

  6. rks said

    I’m looking for a pic of me with a friend of mine. Looks like you were on the same track as we were. I lost my camera over the course of the day and am so bummed! Do you possibly have a shot of a guy dressed as fire (big orange fire wig and an orange shirt and orange face paint), with a girl dressed as an angel – all in white with red boots and red wings? I would love it if you did! If not, thanks anyway for the pics cause they’re fantastic. What a perfect day, wasn’t it?

  7. Rachelle said

    I never thought I’d get to see you in a leotard…

  8. R, hope prevails!

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