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Our stoned mayor

Posted by schroeder915 on February 18, 2007

If I can be audited by the government, and I can be required to submit information about where and how I earn my money, then certainly public officials responsible for guiding public policy and investment dollars in a city with 200,000 damaged homes ought to be required to do so … oh, my bad. No-C Ray Nagin isn’t guiding public policy or investment dollars, so there really isn’t any opportunity for malfeasance. Maybe the worst mayor ever should just stick to countertops.

Looking for some new marble countertops for the bathroom? The mayor just might have a deal for you.

State records list Nagin and his two sons, Jeremy and Jarin, as the investors in Stone Age Granite & Marble. An employee said Friday by phone that the store relocated several months ago to its new Earhart Boulevard address from another location.

Stone Age LLC was incorporated in January 2005, but the degree to which the mayor and his sons are involved in the enterprise is a mystery.

Asked for comment on the venture, Nagin replied by e-mail Friday that the questions were “out of bounds.”

He said he would have no comment “on my personal investments that are totally outside of any city responsibilities.”

Any attorneys or accountants want to make a request to see Nagin’s books?

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4 Responses to “Our stoned mayor”

  1. Karen said

    Maybe the name is “Stoned Age”

  2. liprap said

    What will the next move from our walking id of a mayor be? Telling us that everybody must get stoned?

  3. I don’t understand what they mean by not knowing the extent of the mayor and his sons’ involvement in the business. Those are the only three names listed on the incorporation papers.

  4. A little research on their part really was called for — and FOIA request to see the books perhaps?

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