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“Where’s Schroeder?”

Posted by schroeder915 on February 8, 2007

So asked an anonymous commenter who only referred to himself as “Where’s Schroeder.”

Sorry folks. The anticipation is killing me too. There’s so much going on right now, but so little time. I do, in fact, have a lot to report since my absence.

I’ll start right here — I want this thing enlarged poster size to hang on my wall …


And here …


The first image is a drawing made by Nagendra at a Saturday meetup of neighborhood activists. The diagram represents the new linkages between neighborhoods which began to form after Hurricane Katrina. Circles represent the nodes, or cells, of neighborhoods. Lines between the nodes are the arbitrary political boundaries drawn by politicians long before Hurricane Katrina because, Nagendra said, that was the only way they said they could govern. After Hurricane Katrina, those boundaries were washed away. Now, citizens are talking to and collaborating with whomever they chose. Linkages are forming with residents who live in distant neighborhoods based upon common needs. This was best demonstrated by the 5000-strong march on City Hall against violence, in which every neighborhood was represented — every race, every class, every age.

The second image is a prototype online crime mapping, reporting, alert, and analysis system. The public needs to start making noise for the raw 911 calls for service data to be made available to citizens at the same time the NOPD gets the data, in order to further develop this resource as a timely service for the community. Later, the demand for other criminal justice records can be made to complete an understanding about what’s happening in the criminal justice system, and to give citizens more powerful tools to demand greater accountability. There will be a brainstorming meeting to determine where to take this initiative in the future, Mon. 2/12, 7 p.m., Sound Cafe, 2700 Chartes St. (RSVP in case the venue changes).

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6 Responses to ““Where’s Schroeder?””

  1. Erleichda! said

    Interested in meeting up mebbe while I’m in town next week? I drive in from Austin on Valentine’s Day & I’ll be free during the day on Feb. 15 and 16. I’ll be out in the River Ridge area mostly, but I do plan on going into the city, especially around the Tulane area. Fire me an e-mail at lightenupbaby at gmail dot com. I’m really interested in finding out more about what’s really going on as far as rebuilding problems & solutions.

  2. Carmen said

    Minor point. You said, in the “march on City Hall against violence… every neighborhood was represented.” Can you point me to anything at all which shows Broadmoor representing? It’s an ugly point of contention after which I split with my neighborhood association, me thinking their priorities were WAY out of whack. I’m just wondering if I missed something in my purview.

  3. KamaAina said

    I lived in Broadmoor for the first six weeks I was in the city, in the spring of ’89 (she threw me out). And I was at the march during my recent return visit, complete with a sign in Hawaiian which somehow failed to make it into any media coverage! Had I known about this, I would have (a) gladly served as “the Prodigal Broadmoorian”, and b) asked my online acquaintance in BIA what was up, ’cause I know she would’ve been down with the march. Knowing her, she might have ended up going with the Central City contingent.

    Now, how can those of us who are still out, whether exiled by Katrina or by Economics, who obviously can’t get to the Marigny by Monday, participate in this process? I see words like “mapping” and “analysis” which are right up my alley. Might there be grant money out there from national anti-crime groups that could make this happen? Here’s your free sample: Public access to 911 calls is cutting-edge — BUT there must be a time delay, similar to the 15-minute delay in televised stock quotes, to prevent the bad guys from monitoring them the way they do police radio calls, using scanners.

    Aloha, and malama pono (take care of yourselves)!

  4. I have an idea. Can someone who knows all this programming be hooked up with someone who follows court records. Then, each murder can be tracked along with its progress in the justice system. Things like whether the suspect has been captured, arraigned, bail set, court date, charges, etc. Then we could really see how inept, overwhelmed, and inefficient Eddie Jordan really is. Then we can hold him accountable with solid facts (not that we can’t anyway, but it might be more visual).

  5. oh, wait, that’s what you said. It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

  6. Biko Biko FP said

    On political postering:

    Hindsight is allways 20\20. Maybe it can help some of us with some forsight?
    This is interesting.

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