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Public housing attorney threatened

Posted by schroeder915 on January 29, 2007


A legal firm representing the federal government issued a gag order against a local attorney who represents public housing residents in New Orleans. The aptly-named firm, “Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann,” ordered Loyola Poverty Law Center attorney Bill Quigley “to immediately cease and desist” from making statements which violate the “Louisiana Rules of Professional Responsibility,” and to “take immediate action to have this recording, the so-called ‘documentary’,” removed from Web sites hosting the audio recording.

I find the selective application of Louisiana’s ethics rules a fascinating curiosity. I was shocked, in the first place, to discover that Louisiana even has professional ethics rules. In any event, it’s truly open to debate whether Quiqley’s statement “that HUD and HANO have been lying to the public” is true or false. Maybe the veracity of their statements really is a matter that should be tested in a court of law.

6 Responses to “Public housing attorney threatened”

  1. Actually, this is not a “gag order.” Only a judge can “order” something. This isn’t a legal pleading at all. This is basically a letter threatening to take Prof. Quigley before the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board if he doesn’t stop talking to the media. I’m sure he will regard it with all the seriousness to which it’s due.

  2. Larry Thomas said

    This is all over the internet now. You should never try to limit somebodies use of free speech. While this is a court case it is also a political issue affecting all of us! One of the big reasons for the amount of crime in our community is that communities are being prevented from coming back together again. It is some new strain of gerrymandering that will definetly backfire!

  3. F P said

    The GOP has perfected the art of gerrymandering to the point where one political scientist estimates the Democrats would have needed to win 57 percent of the vote nationwide to retake the House in 2004.

    also John McCain vrs John McCain. Straight talk to double talk to flip and flop, The real McCain:

  4. F P said

    Also of note is McCain’s vote last week to eliminate — that’s right, eliminate — the federal minimum wage.  He was joined by a passel of other right-wing Republicans (28 in all).  So don’t get too excited the next time McCain, or Lindsey Graham, or Chuck Hagel says something borderline sensible about Iraq.  They’re still waaaay outside the mainstream.

  5. This is not the same monopoly game we all played as kids. As soon as one person was lucky enough to get ahead, he started to collect more in Rent than anyone else playing. But at least we all played by the same rules from start to finish.

    What is different about the game today is that as soon as somebody starts getting ahead they also start buying the rule makers and changing the rules to their favor. The rules are no longer the same for everybody as they were in the beginning.

    They make harder for a drug company to get sued when they kill you or a loved one. They make it easier for the RIAA to sue regular Americans, often cases bankrupting families. They systematically change all the rules so that they have a more than unfair advantage! Why, Because they cant have a bigger yatch if the have nots have. It is the have yatchs Vrs the have nots.

    You want to discuss frivolous law suits?

    New efficiencys belong to the people!!!

  6. Silence duegood said

    Silence this dumbaszz!!!

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