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Carnival in Washington

Posted by schroeder915 on January 25, 2007

George W. Bush spent half of his time in the State of the Union address defending his plan to send more Americans into the crosshairs of an Iraq civil war, but had not a single word of sympathy, encouragement, or support for New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast, still suffering from the ravages of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the federal levee engineering disaster which destroyed New Orleans. He narcissistically delights at the thought of himself as a war president. Were it not for 9/11, he’d have been an ineffective, unpopular president (as he is now, but he would have been denied a second term). Let’s remember how little he’s accomplished in the domestic arena other than tax cuts, which pick our childrens’ pockets tomorrow to enrich the super wealthy today. The “war against terrah” has been so grotesquely mismanaged and exploited for other agendas that even as Bush is talking about surging American troop levels in Iraq, the Taliban and Al Qaeda — who really did attack Americans on American soil — are surging again in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The only answer Bush has for the mismanaged occupation of Iraq is more of the same — more troops in the wrong arena for the wrong cause. In a vain attempt to create democracy from the muzzle of a gun — what Bush himself once derided as “nation-building” — Bush is breeding more animosity and more insurgents. He has never fully engaged the international community — the Arab world in particular — in sharing the responsibility for the outcome in Iraq. His sole interest is securing control of the world’s second largest petroleum reserves under Iraq for his oil company friends. Bush’s “coalition of the willing” has always been a farce — a mere shadow of the international support his father achieved. George W. Bush is creating a giant Sunni-Shia Hydra. There may be no good answer to solving that problem, but his effort to stabilize Iraq by killing more Iraqis will only create more insurgents, kill more Iraqis, and kill more Americans. Meanwhile, by ignoring Americans still suffering from the worst federal engineering disaster here at home, a great American city — a great world city — is being destabilized.

More than 200,000 people remain displaced from New Orleans. Their homes sit idle while they wait for insurance, wait for Road Home grants — neither of which are sufficient compensation to rebuild their homes — wait for streets to be repaired, wait for water and sewer lines to be repaired, wait for street lights to be repaired, wait for the criminal justice system to be repaired, wait for schools to be repaired, wait for hospitals to be repaired, wait … wait … wait. Tens of billions of dollars spent on cleanup amounted to nothing after Bush’s friends grabbed the money. When it was all over, all that remained was $8 billion in CDBG grants for homeowners — a sum of money that George W. Bush has been spending in Iraq every four weeks for nearly four years. Meanwhile, a great American city — a great world city — has been allowed to die. Scores of thousands of more Americans across the Gulf Coast remain without hope.

It’s time for a march on Washington. I propose February 24th — the first Saturday after Mardi Gras — a perfect occasion to take the carnival revolution from the streets of New Orleans to streets of Washington. We’ll need trucks and flatbed trailers to load up with soggy, moldy furniture from houses still not gutted a year and a half after the federal levees broke. We’re going to haul the debris to Washington and dump it on Pennsylvania Avenue as a gesture of our contempt for a president who had nothing to say in the most important report he is required to provide to Congress about the well-being of our nation and her citizens. I’m calling on Americans across the nation who care about New Orleans, who care about the Gulf Coast, who care about the lives of American soldiers and their families, who care about the pressing global environmental issues that need to be addressed right now, who care about an eroding middle class, who care about America and the world being created in George W. Bush’s image. Let us Americans, all of us, march on Washington to tell George W. Bush and Congress that we don’t want their war in Iraq any more. Let’s march on Washington to tell George W. Bush and Congress that we won’t stomach the deaths of any more Americans from oil wars; we won’t stomach the deaths of any more Americans from environmental disasters; we won’t stomach the deaths of any more Americans from bloated bureaucracies and engineering failures. We demand honesty. We demand transparency. We demand accountability. We demand real solutions for the coming environmental challenges. We demand coastal restoration, and Category 5 protection from hurricanes and rising sea levels.

We are Americans. We demand an adequate answer from our elected officials when Americans are in need!



37 Responses to “Carnival in Washington”

  1. Dave On Fire said

    Such a protest march would be great; I say get out there and do it

  2. Marco said

    Go for it! Lots of anti-war people should join ranks with ya’. The timing is right.

  3. Editor B said

    It’s a good idea. A great idea. But can it be put together so quickly? We certainly would want to ensure a good turnout.

  4. scout said

    I’d go. Any help ya need?

  5. PawPaw said

    Lets use your list and put the blame where it belongs.

    1. waiting for streets to be repaired. That’s a local responsibility.
    2. Water and sewer lines. That’s a local responsibility.
    3. Street light repair. Again, local.
    4. Criminal justice system repair. That is purely a local responsibility.
    5. Hospital repair. The state has responsibilities there, as do local and private investors.

    Okay, I’ll grant you’ve had a rough time the past sixteen months or so. Yet in that time you’ve managed to re-elect a man that is arguably the worst mayor in the United States. And your desperation has reached a point where you want to blame the President for not mentioning you in a speech that talks about the Union?

    Yeah, the levees may be a federal concern, but what with the political machine y’all provided to oversee the levee construction, it’s a miracle they lasted as long as they did. Everything else in your list is a local problem that the locals aren’t willing to fix.

  6. I didn’t vote for him. You elected a fucking idiot to be president. How do you explain that?

    Local problems? You yourself admit that the levees are a federal concern. Guess what? We don’t have the billions needed to repair our infrastructure. How about we just sue the shit out of the federal government being run by your mook president to get *compensation*. That’s right! I’m proposing the biggest friggin’ class action lawsuit in American history for damages!

    Why don’t you just go do what your Vice President tells others to do and go eff yourself!

    Your own lack of personal responsibility in being part of the solution doesn’t jibe with your calls for others to be more responsible. We’re doing what we can asshole! We can’t do it without the help of the rest of the nation.

  7. And no, locals didn’t oversee levee construction. They were fully designed, built, and certified by the Army Corps of Engineers.

  8. Rebuilding DeSaix said

    Well put Schroeder! Let’s also close down LOOP and the river. Sinn Fein! PAW PAW is not only a FUCKMOOK but worse yet a SQUIRREL.

  9. F P said

    I think it is time we show bushCo Dumbya What a well armed lamb can do:

  10. PawPaw said

    “We don’t have the billions needed to repair our infrastructure.”

    Yet from what I read in da paper, the Feds have released 4.5 billion to the state, yet the state has released only 2 billion to the local governing entities. The money is hung up in Baton Rouge. New Orleans has received only 37% of the money that the Feds have disbursed. I wonder how much progress you could make with the money that the state is sitting on?

  11. Marco said

    The average high temp for DC on Feb 24th is 49 degrees.

  12. supak said

    Hey, whaddya know? The Bush Junta is lying again! I wonder if Curious George will accuse Iran of supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgents tonight in his catatonic state of the union address? Yep, the LA Times is reporting that scant evidence has been found of an Iran-Iraq arms link. I’m shocked. Shocked that there are no weapons there.Really, folks. Are we sensing a theme here? These guys make the Gulf of Tonkin look like the greatest ruse of all time.

    For all the aggressive rhetoric, however, the Bush administration has provided scant evidence to support these claims. Nor have reporters traveling with U.S. troops seen extensive signs of Iranian involvement. During a recent sweep through a stronghold of Sunni insurgents here, a single Iranian machine gun turned up among dozens of arms caches U.S. troops uncovered. British officials have similarly accused Iran of meddling in Iraqi affairs, but say they have not found Iranian-made weapons in areas they patrol.The lack of publicly disclosed evidence has led to questions about whether the administration is overstating its case. Some suggest Bush and his aides are pointing to Iran to deflect blame for U.S. setbacks in Iraq. Others suggest they are laying the foundation for a military strike against Iran.

    Of course, they could be doing both. You don’t have to be a genius to think that in one of the many meetings the administration has had on how to do the politics of attacking Iran, Cheney has shot something like this into the faces of his fellow hawks:

    Quack. We can blame the insurgency, quack, on the Iranians. Quack. That’ll cover our asses on why we’re losing in Iraq, and we can say attacking, quack, Iran will help us win in Iraq. Quack.

    Of course, since it’s not being reported on FAUX Nothing (it sure ain’t news, as Olberman pointed out yesterday), the shit-for-brainers, like the fucking idiots in charge of my union news group, who think Obama is a muslim sleeper cell won’t believe it.

  13. Schroeder said

    You’ll have to be more specific than that PP. In any event, there’s certainly plenty of blame to go around, but fundamentally, if we had a president who cared about rebuilding south Lousiana and the Gulf Coast, he would 1) allocate the requisite resources to rebuild homes, infrastructure, levees, and wetlands, and 2) not just throw money around to his friends, unaccountable bureaucracies, and politicians, but would leverage it through non-partisan citizen organizations, and would then make sure it gets spent quickly on what it was intended to fix. That monkey boy hasn’t even mentioned New Orleans or the Gulf Coast in longer than anyone can remember, much less sat down with the mayor, governor, congressional delegation, or citizen groups, is all you need to know to appreciate where is priorities are — or aren’t! He is, regrettably, the freakin’ POTUS — though I have my doubts. If he wanted to really do something, he could.

  14. fp said

    Pa Pa,

    Give it a rest, You are just going to force us to elect a competent Democratic Govenor and more (D) Represenitives here. Then after we are doning fixing all levels of Government here and beyond we will be coming after your little Washington lobbiests and Oil companies too.

    So tell the rest of your little hate blogging friends to prepare to have their world changed.

  15. fp said

    Gore was flying people out on his own private Jet when they were all out buying shoes and playing guitars. “There is a lot of money in Disastors… …Yaaahoo000oo!”

  16. Larry Stevens said

    “We are now as a nation held hostage to the predictable—and predicted—disarray that has followed the invasion of Iraq.” Senator Jim Webb (D-VA)

    Nothing scares the ruling elite more than a straight-shooting populist who can rally people against government policy. And, yet, that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night. In just 9 minutes, freshman Senator, Jim Webb took a sledgehammer to Bush’s policy in Iraq and left 45 million Americans cheering for more. It was a tour de force the likes of which we haven’t seen since Harold Pinter gave his Noble acceptance speech 2 years ago.

    Webb was brilliant. He not only erased 40 minutes of Bush-blather and demagoguery; he lifted the country out of the squalor of pessimism by pointing the way out of Iraq and towards greater economic justice.

    Isn’t that what leadership is all about?

    It’s ironic that it took a former Reagan Republican to lower the boom on Bush; especially when the burgeoning crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls are stumbling over themselves to appear more antiwar than the other. >>>> ( Continue reading…)

  17. Where is Bobby? said

    He is with the Bushies!!!!!!!

    Why waste your vote on someone who doesn’t want the job?Bobby Jindal

    Bobby Jindal doesn’t want to represent you in Congress. He wants to be Governor of Louisiana.

    On Sept. 29, 2006 Jindal voted to block an investigation into Rep. Mark Foley’s acts of Pedophilia and bury it in a do-nothing committee.
    Also on Sept. 29, 2006 Jindal voted for the Military Commissions Act, banning Habeas Corpus, redacting the Bill of Rights, authorizing torture, pardoning the Bush administration of all War Crimes, and declaring George W. Bush, Big Chief Decider.
    In the post-Katrina world, Bobby Jindal sided with the Oil Barons to dump record toxins in Louisiana with the ill-named “Gasoline for America’s Security Act of 2005.” Under the lie of helping Katrina victims, Bobby Jindal worked with Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert and other Republican leaders to strong-arm the necessary votes by holding the five-minute vote open for forty-five minutes; not one Democrat voted for the immoral and criminal bill. [H.R.3893]
    Prior to Hurricane Katrina, (category 4 at landfall), Bobby Jindal helped gut the funding to the New Orleans district U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in a record $71.2 million reduction. Thanks to Republicans, “A study to determine ways to protect the region from a Category 5 hurricane has been shelved,” for Louisiana.
    Bobby Jindal has been in Congress since 2005, and in that period has accomplished little for the people of Louisiana, but has done a lot to the people of Louisiana. Here’s a partial list of what he’s done in your name:
    Supported CAFTA, (even strong-arming others in Congress to vote for CAFTA), then, after passage of the bill was assured, voted against it to placate the sugar industry at home. [H R 3045]
    Followed the lead of Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R-LA) by voting FOR RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION in Head Start and putting in jeopardy the future of our children. [H.R. 2123]
    Voted to support the WTO and increase the trade deficit, giving Communist China and slave-labor nations a competitive edge over the United States, while encouraging “outsourcing” of high-tech jobs to India. [H J Res 27]
    Voted to abolish the separation of powers so the ethically challenged Tom DeLay could pontificate in the media by crawling into Theresa Marie Schiavo’s bed. [S 686]
    Voted against Big Bird, gutted Labor, and endangered children with huge gashes to Health and Human Services. [H AMDT 343 to HR 3010]
    Voted against allowing women in the military, captured overseas and victimized by rape gangs, to use their own money to get necessary medical treatment. [H AMDT 209 to HR 1815]
    Voted to award $1.4 billion of our tax dollars to War Profiteers and special interests during a budget crisis, including pork for developing sci-fi “Nanotechnology.” [H.R. 2863]
    Voted against the testing of respirators for occupational exposure to tuberculosis for the nation’s First Responders. [H AMDT 346 to HR 3010]
    Voted to award $45.25 billion to War Profiteers like Halliburton and Bechtel for another six months, despite massive fraud and $8.9 billion of our tax dollars missing. [HR 2863]
    Voted to reward billionaires like Paris Hilton with a permanent tax break during a time of War and record budget deficits. [HR 8]
    Voted to reward Banks and Credit Card companies and hurt the average American with the obscene Bankruptcy Bill, shifting more wealth to the uber-wealthy. [S 256]
    Voted for a Constitutional Amendment dictating forced idolatry. [H J RES 10]
    Voted against doctors and their patients by preventing doctors from prescribing the best medicine for the individual patient in favor of Big Pharma Special Interests. [HR 2862]
    Voted to reward Oil Barons making over $500 billion a year in PURE PROFIT with huge tax breaks. [HR 6]
    Voted to bully the world at the UN, further isolating the United States in a time of War. [HR 2745]
    Voted for special interests and against the weak and infirm by allowing hospitals to refuse health care to those without insurance. [HR 5]
    Voted to endanger workers’ safety by neutering OSHA and rewarding corporate malfeasance. [HR 741]
    Voted for fascism by renewing the ill-named PATRIOT ACT. [HR 3199]
    Voted for the predatory Sneak and Peek provision into our personal lives and our very homes without our knowledge by the FBI, CIA, and IRS. [H R 2862]
    Voted for National ID Cards under the pretext of fighting “terrorism,” laying the groundwork for already-available sub-dermal (under skin) RF chips. [H R 418]
    Voted for flat-earth ideology by banning public funds for stem-cell research, while leaving private research untouched so Big Pharma could have its patents on your genetic code. [HR 810]

    In the post-Katrina world, there remain many places in New Orleans too dangerous to walk through, none more so than between a TV camera and Bobby Jindal.

    By his actions, it’s plain to see Bobby Jindal doesn’t care about the people of Louisiana, only National Corporate Interests.

    He doesn’t care about the job, only his career. Bobby Jindal has cast his lot with the inept, immoral, and corrupt Bush Administration.

    Haven’t we suffered enough? It’s time we stop rewarding failure. This November, cast your lot with those who want to rebuild Louisiana for the people of Louisiana. Vote for me, Stacey Tallitsch.

  18. Dambala said

    Ignore PawPaw….Let’s get back on topic.

    The march is a LONG overdue idea. But I agree that it may take more time to put it together. We would need to notify our folks in Atlanta, Houston, etc. and tell them to be in D.C. on the date. It would take a Herculean effort in terms of grass roots PR to make it succesful and might even be impossible… let’s try anyway.

    I’ve got some ideas on how to YouTube the message out there.

  19. Erleichda! said

    There are a lot of Katrina evacuees here in Austin, too. If you really want to do this, and you want to try to rally as many folks as possible, particularly people who had to leave New Orleans and haven’t been able to go back, let me know & I can send you contact info for some of the publications here in Austin where you could probably post a free announcement. Shit, give me the details & I’ll put up some flyers around town.

  20. THink People said

    This progressive idea will save lives and money. But is the solution to simplistic for New Orleans????

  21. Steve said

    Hey Big Guy, you make up a flier,or allow me to make one, and I’ll make sure all of Charlotte is saturated with it.Im gonna repost your proposal, if you dont mind…..

  22. I would start by finding some DC refugees to organize a protest for that day. Diaspora activate!

    New Orleans: We are everywhere now, ha ha!

    I think Feb 24 is also the date of Helen Hill’s jazz funeral.

  23. Steve said

    “Ignore PawPaw….Let’s get back on topic.”

    Dambala is truly dead on the money there. Leave that witless Limbaugh pole smoker in your dust Schroeder, you are on to a great idea here.

  24. Steve said

    “We would need to notify our folks in Atlanta, Houston, etc. and tell them to be in D.C. on the date. It would take a Herculean effort in terms of grass roots PR to make it succesful and might even be impossible… let’s try anyway.”

    A suggestion? Hit up every single Cajun restaurant along the way, from New Orleans to NYC, if they have any appreciation for the proximity from whence their food comes from, they’ll probably be more than happy to hang a few fliers. Track places that the Red Stick Ramblers, Rosie Ledet and Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys play when they tour, Clubs like that will probably be happy to help out too. You want my help Podnah, you know where to find me…

  25. Holly said

    Love the idea, but definitely would encourage a date change. Helen Hill’s Jazz Funeral is on the 24th at 1pm starting in Mid-City — I’ll email you the details.

  26. Sophmom said

    Bush needs the troop surge to protect and extend the war profiteering, er, contractors. Great posts today by da po’ boy and Greg Peters (linking to a p.1 WSJ article by Chris Cooper). Together, they go a long way to explaining why the money isn’t getting to the people and the disaster is just continuing.

    Great post, Schroeder. Great idea. It would be cool as hell to see all that debris lining PA Ave. *sigh*

  27. Sophmom said

    Wait. Wouldn’t it be easier just to cart it to Crawford?

  28. Steve said

    “Wait. Wouldn’t it be easier just to cart it to Crawford?”

    Probably, but it seems that a trek to D.C. would not only receive more press, it would also force people to recognize the reality of the entire situation, that “all is not well”.

    I like your idea though Sophmom,I’m envisioning a huge 15 foot tall roadblock in front of his manse, complete with rotted sofas, moldy matresses and rank refrigerators.

  29. Sophmom said

    Yeah. I was only kidding, givin’ in to a little fantasy. Bring his mess home, so to speak. Washington would be best.

  30. I’m still here folks, just taking in everyone’s thoughts. There are a number of ways to approach this. My initial thought was to just go to D.C. with anyone who wanted to go, and haul some debris up there to make the statement that “we are not okay.” It appears that a much larger rally could be achieved. I can appreciate that Feb. 24th may not be the best date, as I too would like to honor Helen Hill. I truly believe that a “parade on Washington” is going to be required if we want serious consideration from the White House and Congress about our needs. I don’t believe it’s sufficient to wait for them to become enlightened. We need to exercise our wills, our feet, and our lungs, to demonstrate to Washington, and the rest of the nation, that what’s happening is totally unacceptable. Let’s all keep this idea moving if you all agree we can do it. It can be as big or as small a demonstration as we like.

  31. Larry Thomas said

    Drive a Fema trailer up there too a la Rockey whatever his name was. Hillary et all would love that!

  32. What’s your point Larry?

  33. Larry Thomas said

    My point is that people should not be living in Fema Trailers 17 months later!!!! IF the Bushbots can drive them to washington to make a non-point, then we should drive them to washington to make a real point!

    How many people are still in trailers? Does the rest of the country know that? Why not?

  34. Sorry Larry. Just checking — I thought you might be implying something else. Of course, you know, it might be quite a stretch to think that the junk could actually stand a trip like that. It’s a great idea.

  35. Steve said

    Wouldn’t tents be more appropriate? BTW, one of the recurring stories on NPR today was how Dem & Rep alike are miffed that he didnt say anything about Katrina. He had some lame-assed defense for why he didnt say anything, even though he damn well knows he should have.

  36. Nabil said

    Look, you want to have a Krewe of NOLA drive up to DC straight after Mardi Gras? That’s FANTASTIC! Get it done, I’ll join it in Fredericksburg, and with the right Dailykos publicity, you’ll get others on board too.

  37. Meds Man said

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