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Posted by schroeder915 on January 23, 2007

Not a single mention of New Orleans?



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  1. F P said

    I just sent this email to friends up North. I don’t know why the MSM is not telling this story the way it is:

    Luckily, our families did pretty well, but for many people, that is not the case. More than half the population has not returned so many buildings, homes, and neighborhoods are vacant. With less community people on the street and more boarded up houses and properties there is a lot less safety. Crime is becoming a huge problem.

    Small businesses and the businesses that rely on those small businesses are struggling because there is half as many customers.
    90 % of the relief money was wasted on no-bid out of state contracts and profiteering. Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon law for Katrina-damaged areas of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to help the profiteers. The Davis-Bacon law went into order in the 1930s and it limits the minimum pay scale for employees and contractors on federal contracts requiring contractors to pay the average pay in the region. The prevailing wage in Louisiana and New Orleans was about $9/hour for construction work, way below other parts of the country. The Order came a day after 35 Republican members of Congress asked Bush to suspend the law for recovery efforts. Bush’s administration, Republicans in congress and their corporate cohorts have been gunning to get rid of the Davis-Bacon law, just as they’ve opposed raising the federal minimum wage from below-poverty level of $5.15 an hour.

    It was not long after that when the no-bid Halliburton contractors were out recruiting illegal immigrants to do as much work as possible just so that they could keep even more of the recovery money for themselves.

    Then later we all learned that many of these companies did not even pay the illegal workers:

    This story is just a typical example of how BushCo is turning our country into a Enron and Halliburton fiefdom that is destroying middle America.

  2. Mick said

    You talking about Jimmy Carter? I live in Houston. Our crime rate went up tremendously after your criminals came here.

    You are so full of sh**t. Do you think the U.S. should rebuild your slums?

  3. Marco said

    No, Mick I think they should move the whole city of New Orleans to Houston. Why rebuild in the NOLA swamp? Do you live in a very small trailer like one of those FEMA trailers? I bet you’ve written scholarly books that are for sale on Amazon (that big store in California) and you’re just trying to seem stupid and ignorant?

  4. Mick, your Web site is a piece of shit. If you really believe that the role of “citizen journalists” is to advocate *for* the status quo power structure which owns the means of print and broadcast media, then you’ve been drinking too much of their Kool-Aid, or smoking a little too much from the corporate love pipe. Check your backside — they’re probably giving you a reach around, asshole. You are one sick f**king dude. Ever been to New Orleans? If you ever were, I bet you never left Bourbon Street. If you ever do, try wearing that attitude on a T-shirt. Better yet, look me up and I’ll give you a reason to wear those cheap-ass 80’s sunglasses. By the way, the need to underline everything for emphasis is a sign of a feeble mind.

  5. F P said

    All I see is fear of change and spoiled America comfort babies who can’t grow outside of their ignorant lifestyles and attitudes. Just listen to the Bought and paid for senators that more interested in protecting corporate profits than the truth:

    And if you thought Senator Stevens was a moron with his “the Internet is not a big Truck” analogy of the Internet and Net Nuetrality you have to listen to this:

    Departing Senate Environment Committee chair Sen. James Inhofe — who’s gone from sinister to pathetic with dizzying speed — held one final hearing on global warming and the media the other day.

    If you’re interested in hearing it, this NPR story is fairly good!

    Sen. Barbara Boxer gets off a good soundbite, one I hope other politicians take up: The point is not that there are no outliers or deniers on global warming. The point is that makers of public policy have an obligation to base their actions on the prevailing scientific consensus. So the fact that Inhofe can dig up fruitloops to say stupid things at a committee hearing is neither hear nor there.

    Most of these fruitloops are egged on by the oil shills. So how can put an end to the Fruitloop machine?

  6. Mick said

    Shroeder, I’ve been to New Orleans a few times. It’s a place for drunks to pretend they are “cool.” Stray of Bourbon Street, sure I did. I can take care of myself. Are you proud that your city is so tuff that white tourists are afraid to leave Bourbon Street?

    How about the dirty little lie, that the people of New Orleans ignored evacuation warnings because they were afraid their neighbors would be robbing and looting them out of everything? And the others waited it out to do just that.

    BTW, your whole state, city and county are run by the Democrats. Yoohoo. You get what you vote for, dummy.

  7. supak said


    Blogswarm for Fair Use in Free Speech
    The legal ramifications of this move by Disney to squelch fair use in free speech make this story noteworthy, but it also spotlights a dangerous disease rampaging through the right wing of this country, and that is hate speech which encourages violence as a way to settle disputes with liberals. Join the effort to cover this story so that ABC/Disney will be challenged for going after this blogger, Spocko, who is exercising his rights as a US citizen, but also to make sure that the hateful commentators are exposed for the disgusting, violence inciters that they are.Of course, we can go after these assholes by targeting their advertisers, or by blog-swarming, or many other peaceful ways. I don’t want to advocate violence against them. HOWEVER, I am for instant Karma, and I think if these bloodthirsty shits are so set in their ways that they want to call incitement to violence free speech, then I can take a few of their “conservative” points of view and beat them over their proverbial heads with them.For example, they advocated blowing up all the mosques in Syria with cruise missiles while they’re full of people praying. Of course they don’t mention how they’ll pay for it (cruise missiles costing millions each), but that goes without saying for wing-nuts. The instant Karma here would be for me to hope that some one blows up their church while they’re praying in it. But I’m not going to hope that. I wouldn’t want any innocent people to get hurt. What I do hope for, though, is for them to get stuck in Iraq with crappy body armor, in a shittily armored Hummer. Or, since they support everything the Bush administration does, I could just wish my old standard on them: I hope they get cancer, are refused marijuana to help with the pain, and just days before their cancerous organs explode, I hope they’re denied the right to a dignified death and have to suffer through the cancer death, as Republicans have tried to force the people of Oregon to do, despite the fact that Oregon voters passed the death with dignity act.Big difference between what they’re doing and what I’m doing. In one case, these frumunder cheese eaters fantasized about putting NY Times editor Bill Keller in a malfunctioning electric chair. What has Bill Keller ever done to anyone? These people have supported a war that has cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. They support a president who says the law does not apply to him. They support policies of torture and murder. I do not. I only wish that these people get to experience a little of what they’ve wished on others. Maybe if they actually had to suffer a little in their delusional little lives, they’d think twice before wishing torture and murder on people.

  8. I know it’s difficult for such a feeble mind to understand, so I’ll make an attempt to clarify some issues for you mcshithead:

    1) White tourists aren’t afraid to leave Bourbon Street. I just helped to host a couple hundred of them who traveled everywhere around the city.

    2) Despite the fact that Hurricane Katrina staged a last-minute change of course which moved its track toward the Florida panhandle to New Orleans, we accomplished the most successful evacuation in U.S. history in just 72 hours. 80-90 percent of the city evacuated. Ultimately, more than 1.5 million people got off the Gulf Coast before Hurricane Katrina struck. It was the largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War. How would you answer for the pathetic evacuation out of Houston before Hurricane Rita, loser? How many people were left behind there because they didn’t have transportation — or because they were stranded on the highway?!!

    3) Poverty? All Americans cities suffer from poverty. In part, it’s because this nation has for too long been led by Republicans whose depraved mentality has been to reward the super wealthy before addressing the needs of the middle class and those who are left behind by society. Yes, the Democrats are in control of Congress now. They accomplished more in their first 100 hours in office than your Republican president has done in the last seven years, and your Republican Congress has done in the last 12 years.

    By the way, f**k off. You’re no longer welcome here.

  9. One more thing mcshithead: if all you found were drunks in New Orleans, you must be one of them — otherwise, you would have discovered a lot a truly decent families living in stronger neighborhoods than you could ever imagine living in your paved sprawl wasteland.

  10. KamaAina said

    Aloha! I’m a white tourist who just got back from a week and a half in New Orleans. It was without question the best time I have had on the mainland since I came to the islands six years ago.

    Care to guess how much time I spent on Bourbon Street? Perhaps three hours, total – half of that devouring a plate of jambalaya and a couple of Abitas at Arnaud’s Remoulade, a perfectly decent establishment that happens to be located on Bourbon.

    If all the city means to some people is that one street, no wonder they exhibit the crass attitudes they do!

    As it happens, the absolute best time I had in the city (along with Saints-Eagles game night) occurred on Toulouse St. — not on the stretch in the Quarter, but out by City Park, on Twelfth Night (which in New Orleans is much more than a Shakespeare play), where I had the opportunity to meet a number of real New Orleanians, including the author here. Those of you who spend your time in the city tramping up and down Bourbon end up meeting only one another, then puking on each other’s shoes. Pity.

    Note to Marco: Amazon is indeed a big store, but last I checked, it was in Seattle. But what the hey, as long as you’re moving New Orleans to Houston, why not move Seattle to California as well? Mook.

  11. Marco said

    Thanks KamaAina, in this virtual world you never know where really is, brick and mortar wise or otherwise.
    But McFinn’s (Mcshithead’s much better and to the point) got to go back to wherever he came from.

  12. Steve said

    Some halfwhit wrote: “Shroeder, I’ve been to New Orleans a few times. It’s a place for drunks to pretend they are “cool.”Are you proud that your city is so tuff that white tourists are afraid to leave Bourbon Street?”

    What a load!! Of all the times Ive been to N.O. (and its a bunch) I’ve been on Bourbon Street twice, and in all my time, I only felt wary of my surroundings once, and that was a wrong turn I took down near the river after dark.I lived in Chicago for an extended period of time; lived in a Latin Kings controlled neighborhood, had my car break down directly in front of Cabrini Green before,so I know bad neighborhoods, and like I said, I have never been scared in New Orleans.

    Besides, last time I was there, Houston seemed to have slums stretching as far as the eye could see too, so who’s really blind to the truth here?

  13. Question Fred said

    Hi Schroeder,

    Since Regular Americans are dieing to protect “Our interests” in Iraq. And Americans interests are so important according to Bush. Will regular Americans be given stock or some kind of dividends in the business interests they are dyeing and losing limbs for? Or will they continue to pay a high price for gas?

  14. Schroeder said

    Excellent point!

  15. SOTU SUcks said

    They called that a state of the union Address?

  16. It does said

    I see our State did not make this List:

    States Receiving Most in Federal Spending Per Dollar of Federal Taxes Paid:

    1. D.C. ($6.17)
    2. North Dakota ($2.03)
    3. New Mexico ($1.89)
    4. Mississippi ($1.84)
    5. Alaska ($1.82)
    6. West Virginia ($1.74)
    7. Montana ($1.64)
    8. Alabama ($1.61)
    9. South Dakota ($1.59)
    10. Arkansas ($1.53)

    But Mississippi did?

  17. Brad Franklin said

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