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Louisiana gulag

Posted by schroeder915 on January 22, 2007


Louisiana’s Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims are being punished because we elected a woman to the governor’s office? Having read heckuva-job Brownie’s remarks, and given the better treatment Mississippi has enjoyed from Washington, I now have to wonder how much of our problems are being caused by prejudice against Louisiana? How many Louisiana residents died because the Bush administration thought it would be cute to punish Kathleen Blanco for having the temerity to run for high office as a woman and as a Democrat?

Are women, in the attitude of the Bush administration, second-class citizens? Does that then imply that Louisianians are second-class citizens for putting a woman in the governor’s mansion? God forbid we should have elected the brown-skinned guy. I wonder: what other qualities would the Bush administration choose to define people as second-class American citizens? Speaking French or Spanish perhaps? Being a Democrat, an Independent, a Green, or a Libertarian? Being Catholic or Jewish? Maybe we should start wearing yellow stars like Jews were forced to do in Nazi Germany to designate us as undesirable Louisiana Katrina victims. Maybe we should be assigned to work in re-education gulags.

We are, all of us, Americans — at least until Louisiana secedes!

How about a class-action law suit against the federal government for discriminating against Louisiana residents?

This just adds more evidence to the record of malfeasance and incompetence which screams for a Congressional investigation into the White House response to Hurricane Katrina.


3 Responses to “Louisiana gulag”

  1. Donnie McDaniel said

    I hear you loud and clear buddy! WE are on our own down here! Let me know when the secession starts, there is no way I would miss that.

  2. Erleichda! said

    Are women, in the attitude of the Bush administration, second-class citizens?

    Why yes, yes we are. We’re good for makin’ babies, shelving library books and giving “patriotism” an emotionally touching face when our sons and husbands get killed in Iraq. Actually running for office — and as Democrats! Scandalous! — is simply out of the question.

    MSNBC’s headline on the “Brownie” story struck me as absurd — of COURSE politics played a role in the Katrina response. Duh. I blogged about this one, too — I just wish he’d have said something sooner so that the rest of the country would know WTF happened. I think people who aren’t there or who have no connection to the area really don’t have a clue.

  3. Steve said

    “We are, all of us, Americans — at least until Louisiana secedes!”

    If it comes to that, you better damn well let me know, because Im not stayin here by myself damnit!!

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