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The look of no-C Ray Nagin’s market-based recovery

Posted by schroeder915 on January 15, 2007


Fortunately for those who have to dump their houses on the cheap — before they’re foreclosed — because they couldn’t wait a year and a half for federal assistance, or they lost their jobs, or they couldn’t get out of the trap of paying a mortgage on a house they can’t live in while paying to live somewhere else — well, you know, sometimes the market just doesn’t go your way, man, and as the mayor says, you have to make the right decision — fortunately, for those poor souls, there are good people out there who want to help. One man’s dirt is another man’s gold.

Ahem … of course, since he’s never disclosed what the purpose of that real estate investment venture is, I might be excused for mistaking no-C Ray Nagin as that benificent one who’s now, ironically, finally rescuing people from their flooded homes.


3 Responses to “The look of no-C Ray Nagin’s market-based recovery”

  1. Erleichda! said

    Wow — just over the holidays I was explaining the increase in rent in New Orleans & environs to a friend of the family. We both wondered why, considering the ongoing situation there, the city or parish or someone didn’t decide to put a cap on rents so that displaced folks could actually afford apartments. I half-joked that maybe someone in the city government has an interest in real estate or rental property management companies.

    I wonder if the proliferation of $1,500-a-month rents and Nagin’s little venture have any connection, or if he’s just focused on “helping” people out as they sell their homes.

    (By the way, got your message over on my blog — I’m planning on spending about a week in River Ridge/Metairie/New Orleans for Mardi Gras and miscellaneous personal mischief … I’ll let you know for sure when I’ll be there.)

  2. Dambala said

    Great post. Did you notice during the election the only people advocating “the market” were Couhig and Peggy W.? No one else would say “let the market decide”…including C. Ray. He didn’t start spouting that line out for a good 3 months after the election. Once again, it’s a great excuse for him to avoid the responsibility of actually coming up with a plan. If he was serious about getting people back into their houses….there’s no way you can “leave it up to the market.” The market is ruthless and cares not about the lives of the people who have been displaced.

  3. Katrinacrat said

    So many questions and so few answers. I think he can now be considered the Dubya of New Orleans. BTW, you will see a link coming in from the Democratic Daily from a post I did. I linked to the “out of Iraq into New Orleans” post you did.

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