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Help find Helen Hill’s murderer

Posted by schroeder915 on January 13, 2007

The Times-Picayune:

Jacob Hill, Helen’s brother, said relatives are pleading with New Orleanians to step forward with any information on the murder.

“My family hopes that someone from the community that may have information on this case will come forward in a confidential manner,” Hill said Friday. “These are people that came back to rebuild this community. It’s shocking and horrifying that this happened.”

“For the sake of my two-year-old nephew, there needs to be some closure,” Hill added. “He cannot go through life without the killer of his mother ever being identified and convicted.”


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  1. F P said

    There is some good stuff at this Blog

  2. F P said

    wooops sorry,

    here is a taste of some of the interesting and compelling stuff there:

    ” take a look at the federal Earned Income Transfer Credit (EITC), the largest cash grant for poor families in the US. The EITC spends less than 1% of its budget on administrative costs1 , a ratio that I doubt any private anti-poverty charity can match. (The EITC is probably even cheaper to run than it appears, since state EITC programs save money by “piggybacking” on the Federal program’s administration; if the impact of state programs could be included, the EITC’s adminstrative costs to benefits paid out ratio might be less than half a percent.)

    Of course, the EITC has an exceptionally low administration-to-outlay ratio, but the percent of their budgets most federal income transfer programs spend on administration – 9% to 13%2 – is excellent by the standards of nonprofit charities. Here’s the advice Daniel Borochoff (President of the American Institute of Philanthropy) gives people considering giving to private charities:”

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