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Free media

Posted by schroeder915 on January 12, 2007

The National Conference for Media Reform is underway in Memphis this weekend. Check out the Web site for perspectives from Bill Moyers, FCC commissioner Michael Copps, and much more.

I just posted a comment calling for support in building a truly community-run radio station in New Orleans. This isn’t just a fanciful wish. I believe that the recovery won’t happen unless we start hearing each others’ perspectives, and sharing our stories. A community forum for ideas is indispensable to the recovery of New Orleans.


4 Responses to “Free media”

  1. Think About This said

    WWOZ is community run. Digital broadcast conversion now gives it possible sub-channels that you can pick up with a digital fm radio. Why not petition OZ to run a local progressive talk channel on its digital sub-signal??

  2. F P said

    How do we get to all the listeners who don’t recieve digital signals?

  3. Yeah — I used to like the idea of digital radio, but I think MP3 players and satellite radio is already eclipsing that possibility. Think Sony Betamax. It isn’t that I think satellite radio is good. It sucks as much as commercial radio. I don’t like MP3’s either. My hope is that most people agree with me that there remains a very high payoff from having a knowledgeable person direct your attention to what he/she thinks you should listen to. That’s when the really interesting discoveries happen. I think ubiquitous wireless will eclipse any possibility of HD radio inside of ten years, and will simultaneously kill satellite radio. To me, that means that basic AM/FM stations which still serve local communities but stream online with unique niche programming to listeners in other markets will be the model of the future.

  4. F p said

    I really enjoy these podcasts. Someone gave me one of those Ipod shuffles for Christmass and it is perfect for listening to shows during running and the workingout at the gym. Two of my faforites so far are “Bruno and the Professor” and “Ring of fire”…

    Here is story in the current ring episode: “Scientists are appalled by the Army Corps of Engineers’ plans for rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Robert Young, a geologist at Western Carolina University, says the coastal areas would be built up to benefit wealthy developers but wreak environmental havoc.?

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