People Get Ready

[ make levees, not war ]

Hurricane Helen Helinka

Posted by schroeder915 on January 6, 2007

I don’t wish to sensationalize Helen Hill’s tragedy by using her name in this post’s title. Unfortunately, she will inevitably receive more attention in death than in life. I wish I had the opportunity to glorify her name before she was so brazenly cut down. Instead, her name will now forever be embedded in the history of New Orleans. I say, let it be remembered. Let her name live on, though gently, nobly, to inspire the pursuit of a dream for the city she and her husband Paul wanted for their son.

We can’t bring her back. But we can remember.

I’ll have much, much more to say in another post. For now, I’d just like to comment on the irony of a remark by Asst. Superintendent of Police, Steven Nicholas (HT: Loki):

“They have no fear of repercussions,” Assistant Superintendent Steven Nicholas said.

Was Nicholas talking about the criminals, or NOPD police chief Warren Riley and Mayor Unseen Ray Nagin?

It’s time to test City Hall’s defenses against the hurricane of citizens now churning in New Orleans. Is Ray Nagin up to the task? It’s time to test his fortitude.



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