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A possible WordPress deal killer

Posted by schroeder915 on January 1, 2007

I finally dove into the WordPress CSS editor. I thought, mistakenly, that more of the page would be exposed (as it is in Blogger), but I was wrong. It is strictly that — a CSS editor. None of the HTML is exposed, and frankly, I wasn’t seeing the style changes I desired. This is one of the advantages of Blogger — the entire page is exposed. Furthermore, WordPress doesn’t allow the use of Javascript in widgets. That pretty much kills a lot of possibilities — like tracking visitors so I can determine who’s visiting, why, how long, etc. I don’t just do this for the pleasure of it anymore — I want to know who the audience is. That’s the only payback when I’m doing it for free. I was using StatCounter in Blogger. Statcounter was one of the ways in which I was able to get such a comprehensive list of links to other bloggers so quickly. WordPress uses a SiteMeter widget, but without any Javascript built in, it’s just a basic counter and linkback tool. It doesn’t present the array of data that StatCounter offers. In the end, if I can’t get a comprehensive dataset about visitors, that might be a WordPress deal killer.

I recently recalled another downside to Blogger while searching old posts. Although it’s now owned by Google, Blogger has an abysmal search tool. I get better hits using Google. That was one of the first things that soured my attitude toward Blogger.

Hang on folks. Thanks for your patience while I figure this out. Hopefully we’re all learning something in the process.

Ultimately, I might go ahead and find an independent host for People Get Ready using WordPress (dot org).


WordPress vs. Blogger evaluation

5 Responses to “A possible WordPress deal killer”

  1. Sophmom said

    I love Blog-City. You can switch back and forth in the composer as well as in the widgets to the HTML. While the stats are so-so, I have an additional “add free stats” counter at the very bottom, which gives me navigation path, time spend on each page, search criteria, etc. Just piping in to cheer for the home host. You can also very easily host your own domain there (I do this for a client). The cost of a premium blog is $3.50/month (via paypal). They completely kill in search. I don’t know how, but they do. Just FYI. Good luck with it all. 🙂

  2. Katrinacrat said

    I have not posted on my wordpress site for a while. Not that I have given up on it yet, but I was turned off by not being able to use javascript to use sitemeter. I don’t see the ability to change things like you can with blogger. So far, I have used the wordpress site just to cross post and get the feel for it. The lack of control over the template was a downfall for me.

  3. Edie said

    Hey there. I wonder what you think of the coverage of the “outpouring” of support for the NOPD just convicted of murder for the bridge shootings…

    Sorry for the blog troubles. They never really end.

  4. Tough call. My gut tells me they overreacted on the bridge — or maybe they were on the hunt for just such a situation to take out their frustrations. I don’t know. I also think the black community is overreacting now, given the fact that an indictment doesn’t mean they’re guilty, and given the fact that the NOPD is, after all, run by a black superintendent who is very sensitive to how the African American community is treated. Katrina circumstances were in some places and situations far worse than the press has admitted — they just couldn’t substantiate the stories, so they weren’t reported — or when they did, without substantiation, they got into trouble.

    Ultimately, it’s all just too tragic.

  5. Edie said

    Right, not convicted, indicted. A very big difference.

    I have a hard time calling something so outrageous, so incredibly belligerent tragic. I hope justice is done.

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