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Fire Spud McConnell

Posted by schroeder915 on December 29, 2006

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of listening to any one of New Orleans’ idjut hosts on the right-wing radio stations to hear them say something so completely stupid that the imagination staggers to understand why they aren’t just shown the door the minute they step out of the studio.

Example: Driving to work this morning, I listened for a few minutes to the ironically-named WWL re-run, “The Best of Spud McConnell.” He’s interviewing hacking with a FEMA representative who relates a story about a brother and sister who live separately, but whose rental assistance applications are mistakenly being treated by FEMA as though they should be living in the same domicile. Spud quips, “This ain’t Tennessee.” His guest, who doesn’t understand the crude insinuation, asks for clarification. Spud just says, “Sorry. Bad joke.”

Strike one.

Anyone? Shouldn’t this asshole just be fired? We’re talking about the well-being of fellow citizens trying to recover from the worst disaster in American history and to save their city, and McConnell thinks it’s funny to suggest that if this were some hick, back-country town (which shouldn’t be said about Tennessee), they’d be living in an incestuous affair? What, exactly, are Spud McConnell’s credentials for hosting a radio show broadcast throughout the southern United States? Growing up in a hick, back-country town?

I tried calling in to complain, but of course, the show was just another WWL re-run, so there was apparently nobody in the studio.

Strike two.

There should always be someone there to answer the phone and monitor the broadcast.

Furthermore, when I’ve called in to complain about Spud McConnell before, the call receiver has just said that, around the office, they jokingly call his objectionable remarks “spudisms.” I have never been able to talk to a manager, and no manager ever returns my calls. Minimally, WWL should scold McConnell to stop his behavior, and in some of the instances I’ve documented before, they should demand that their hosts publicly apologize on air. If redneck insinuations and insults are just good for a laugh around the office, then management doesn’t care about the effect their hosts might be having on the community.

Strike three.

Game over.

Entercom has repeatedly demonstrated that it can’t responsibly operate a radio station, let alone seven radio stations in the New Orleans market, three of which are re-broadcasting the same stupid remarks.

Where’s the FCC?

It’s time for media reform, and it starts right here in New Orleans. Every market in the United States, but especially New Orleans, should demand that the FCC force commercial broadcasters to hold public hearings in their communities to demonstrate how they’re serving the community.

They can’t — especially in New Orleans where we’re not interested in yahoos like Spud McConnell. We want the unadulterated facts we need to rebuild our lives, our homes, and our neighborhoods.

Citizens can run a radio station far better than Entercom has demonstrated it can. We deserve one of those FCC licenses. Citizens, neighborhood activists, non-profits, volunteers visiting our city to help rebuild our homes and communities — they all have a stake, they all have a message, they all have information that needs to be shared, but they can’t, because Entercom is hoarding licenses to give jerks like Spud McConnell a podium for his stupid remarks, and then to broadcast those identical remarks on three radio stations.

It’s time for a change.


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7 Responses to “Fire Spud McConnell”

  1. rickbrah said

    yah i heard this one today for the second time.

    some guy called in about a little kid getting monaxide poisioning from the propane utilitys in his trailer and the monitors not going off.

    i was still shocked and couldnt believe when spud went into his wierd tourettes voice and made a joke about it even though it was the second time i heard the broadcast.

    the fema guy was obviously appalled and said the most important thing was first how is the little girl? he than broke down the procedure to get the problem fixed.

    spud got sheepish and polite after that.

    this guy makes his living portraying a yat. he needs to shut the fuck up. he aint no yat. his schtick has finnaly replaced dennis quaid’s portrayel in “the big easy” as the most annoying fake new orleanian.

    at least harry shearer is sincire i will give him and rose a mulligan for their sincerity.

    sorry for the spelling typos but i felt that this needed to be said.

    the nola bloggers need to start an internet radio station. maybe get their feet wet with podcasts.

    this is the future of aural information. your never gonna get anywhere with the f.c.c. leave the dinosaurs in the dirt.

    happy new years to you and yours.

  2. Boudreaux and Thibideaux said

    get em out of here: check it out yall…… After Nixon and prior to the late 1980’s Conservatives have felt that the mainstream media was biased towards the left. At every opportunity, the media was interjecting facts and opposing viewpoints that tended to upset the Republican apple cart. In order to address this problem, Reagan’s FCC did away with the Fairness Doctrine which required the presentation of a balanced view of the news presented over the public’s airwaves.

  3. Amy said

    if you have a complaint don’t give it verbally to anyone over the phone or just blog it here. send certified mail. certified mail gets attention. moreover, copy (via regular mail) the prime advertisers of the slots in question. it makes them feel like they’re about to be sued and they are put on formal notice to do something or face further action. send it locally and up north where ever their owner/managers are.

    it strikes me that it would be so un-PC_acceptable to portray an African American as an uneducated slave or something like that, yet that is like what they are doing. is this the best use for our airwaves, is this the best content they could develop? i don’t listen to talk radio at all anymore because i can’t stand it.

  4. Rick, if we keep documenting these offending remarks, they’ll create a rich archive for posterity. Today, for example, a Google search for “Spud McConnell” produces this post, “Fire Spud McConnell” as the 7th entry in a list of McConnell’s film links. Eventually, he and WWL will regret that they treat public opinion with such callous disregard.

  5. B&T, you’re right — the Fairness Doctrine’s demise is absolutely the key event which ushered in the era of right-wing lies and hate radio.

    Amy, good points about getting the attention of executives. I have to start writing letters and more formally making complaints. I won’t let this go.

  6. JRV said


  7. JRV, I deleted your comment. As the author of this forum, I reserve the right to limit comments to constructive dialog. Issuing personal insults without an issue rebuttal isn’t just inappropriate for this forum, it’s the measure of a weak mind. I’m surprised you can concentrate and type with just one hand on the keyboard. What’s the matter? Are you offended that I’ve attacked another ignorant right-wing freak who defines your world view for you? If you have something constructive to say, even if it’s a well considered criticism, try again.

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