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Anyone remember the last time monkey boy mentioned New Orleans?

Posted by schroeder915 on December 28, 2006

John Edwards in New Orleans East, announcing the launch of his campaign for President:

“The president should’ve said, ‘I want someone in my office every morning, telling me what was happening in New Orleans yesterday.'”


4 Responses to “Anyone remember the last time monkey boy mentioned New Orleans?”

  1. Sophmom said

    I would not be holdin’ your breath for that one (monkey boy mentioning NOLA). I’m very excited about Edwards. I got the email last night but didn’t see it until this morning and still haven’t had a chance to watch the video.

  2. What? Did you see my face turn purple?

  3. Sophmom said

    Nah. You know better. Fact is, he’d be stupid to mention it. Not exactly his finest hour. Golly. That came out wrong. Not the least of his worst hours? I’m still angry about it and I don’t even live there. He’s best off pandering to the crowd that thinks you got what you deserved for living there (while living their high lives off of goods coming into and out of the port). Yada…

    I feel so hopeful about Edwards. I think he’s electable (despite his trial attorney background). He is the first candidate in a long time who talks about the divide between the rich and the poor as a schism in our society, who seems to take a holistic approach to healing the country. I just wish I didn’t have to work for a living. I’d really love to find a way to be part of this campaign beyond what I can do with my blog.

    Not to jump around from post to post, but for the sake of efficiency, I’ll continue here what was started below (in the previous discussion). You’re right to put your blog someplace where you can host it under your own domain. It’s so easy to do, Schroeder. I have another blog (a commercial blog that I maintain for a client) hosted at Blog-City but using their own registered domain. It came down to making one setting change at to redirect to the new URL. I need to get around to registering my domain but I never can seem to squeak out the extra $30 (puttin’ kids through college and all that). Also, of course, just plain old is taken so I’m left wondering aloud whether to go with sophmomsdotcalm, momdotcalm or dotcalm dot something else. I wander into those choices and my eyes start to glaze over so I stop.

    *sophmom fantasizes again about quitting her day job*

    Take care, darlin’. Happy New Year.

  4. f P said

    Yes, I think it is time some other folks drive some fema trailers up to Washington to trade them in for a real road home program. Or should we do this closer to the election? A convoy of FEMA trailers with signs saying: ‘we are tired of these boxes now.’ ‘Thanks but No Thanks’. We can pass through the state capitol asking about the Road Home program. And highlight issues that explain all the real money went to no-bid out of state contractors instead of local people and the local economy. Haliburton got billions and we still have fema trailers. Those of us that were lucky enought to get a trailer.

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