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“Mommy and daddy, why did you vote for the crook?”

Posted by schroeder915 on December 10, 2006


Rather than offer empirical facts to prove a point, the threshhold of debate for right-wing reactionaries is name-calling. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at name-calling, but I am pretty good at “hacking” (as one commenter observed).

So I’m going to “hack” some numbers here for that right-wing denier who attempted to disparage me for a “lack of any objectivity,” rather than offer up his own evidence to prove that white voters in Jefferson Parish did not, in fact, vote for Dollar Bill Jefferson, with the cynical expectation that they’d have an opportunity to vote for someone more appealing to Jefferson Parish voters (ahem … white and Republican, that is) if Dollar Bill is indicted.

After “objectively” “hacking” the voter returns for the 2nd Congressional District race, I found that majority white precincts in Jefferson Parish voted about 4 to 1 for Jefferson. By contrast, white precincts in Orleans Parish voted about 20 to 1 for Karen Carter.

Majority black precincts in Jefferson Parish voted about 40 to 1 for Bill Jefferson, and in Orleans parish, the ratio was about 8 to 1 for Jefferson.

Since I’m missing about a half dozen precincts that were redistricted after the 2000 US Census, I may revise these numbers later if I have more time to “hack” (but it’s very time-consuming).

Suffice it to say that Jefferson Parish voted for Bush over Kerry in 2004, and Bush over Gore in 2000. I’d bet money that there probably isn’t another election in recent history in which white Jefferson voters went for the same candidate as either black Jefferson voters, or black Orleans voters.

Once again, I’d just like to know how those white Republicans in Jefferson Parish explain to their kids how they voted for the guy who had $90,000 in marked bills in his freezer.


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12 Responses to ““Mommy and daddy, why did you vote for the crook?””

  1. More importantly, How many people just did not vote? how many people were so turned off that they simply did not show up?

    And how does a person become popular if they can not speak up against things like Harry’s stand on the bridge?

  2. Did’nt they vote for Duke?

  3. Ray said

    What’s interesting about that map is the blue stuff in West Bank Orleans. Looks like English Turn, Algiers Point, and Walnut Bend/Aurora/Bocage/Park Timbers, which are the parts of Algiers which are still largely white, went for Carter. Algiers Point I’m sure has a certain amount of hipster liberalism, but the rest of those neighborhoods are relatively conservative working and middle class folks, not too far removed from their counterparts in Metairie or Gretna, yet they went for Carter.

    This tends to indicate that the combination “white + Jefferson Parish + Westbank” meant a Jefferson (or anti-Carter) vote, while white Orleanians on both banks went for Carter.

  4. It also seems to indicate that an indicted black male was more appealing to some than a black woman.

  5. You listen to WWL, how’d they present the choices? Rob Couhig wasn’t blatant enough to say that abortion and gay marriage were the main issues, he mentioned “the issues” and then segued into abortion and gay marriage. I bring this up because I had dinner with my Republican sister and brother-in-law who live in Mandeville. They thought the choice was between Jefferson and some wild liberal.

  6. rickbrah said

    8th district 2nd congresional district. white male. voted for carter.

  7. 8th ward, Rickbrah?

    No David. For my sanity, I’ve been weening myself off of the WWL rant machine. You can bet, however, that whatever they did, it *wasn’t* done to educate the public, but to merely project their preconceived stereotypes.

    You’re on the right track their Ray.

    Rachel, I don’t have the number for the Duke/Edwards race. In that instance, it was indeed better to vote for the crook. I could look them up if they’re in the Secretary of State Web site. Or you could: SOS.LOUISIANA.GOV (go to the election returns archive pages).

  8. oyster said

    As best as you can determine, did Carter win the East Bank Orleans parish vote?

  9. I should be able to give you an answer. I’ll let you know.

  10. madmouser said

    As someone who has never been to Louisiana, I wonder what those voters are smoking? How can anyone vote for a crook like Jefferson. I can’t figure it out. Back up the truck, they caught him on tape and found $90,000 cold cash in his fridge. The other question I have is, ‘What did he do with the other $10,000?’ This is looney tunes…

  11. I’m just going to write in some numbers here before I fall asleep:

    In Orleans Parish, 129 precincts voted for Carter, 262 for Jefferson, 1 precinct was a tie.

    On the East Bank of the Mississippi, and west of the Industrial Canal, 112 precincts voted for Carter, 162 for Jefferson. The precincts which voted for Carter averaged about 55 percent white. The precincts which voted for Jefferson were about 88 percent black.

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