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Urge Congress to support revenue sharing for Louisiana

Posted by schroeder915 on December 6, 2006

In response to an “FP” comment in a previous post, I’m posting the latest campaign initiative by Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans:

For the September 30th election we rallied successfully to VOTE 1-2-3. Constitutional amendments #1 and #2 dealt with coastal erosion. Amendment #3 pertained to levee board consolidation and reform. Levees and Coastal erosion are critically connected. The most important bill to give Louisiana funds to restore our coastline is coming up on Tuesday in Washington. The OCS Revenue Sharing Bill, S.3711 [H.R.4761], will give Louisiana and other producing states a share of offshore royalty payments. The bill will require two thirds vote and if approved go directly to President Bush to sign. …




For years Louisiana has helped all Americans in many ways. Now she needs the help of Americans to come to her help. On Tuesday, December 5th the US Congress will hear a bill that would give Louisiana a portion of the Oil and Gas Revenues that are produced off her coastline. We need this revenue source to help us rebuild our coast. Please help us by e-mailing the Senators and Representatives from your state to support this measure.


The Problem
Between 1932 and 2000, coastal Louisiana has lost over 1,875 square miles of land. Approximately 24 square miles of Louisiana land turns into open water each year. The primary and unintentional cause of this land loss is the system of levees that has been built to prevent the Mississippi from overflowing its banks. This results in 120 million tons of sediment flowing into Gulf of Mexico and off the continental shelf. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which devastated the entire Gulf Coast of Louisiana, accelerated this process by converting approximately 217 square miles of marsh to water.


The Solution
Louisiana has created the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana (CPRA), which is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders in this process. CPRA is currently conducting public hearings on its comprehensive plan for coastal redevelopment. By constitution amendment the state has dedicated all revenues from Offshore Oil and Gas revenues to go towards restoring the coastline, which will be overseen by CPRA. Louisiana has the potential to receive $200 million over the first ten years and more in later years as the revenue sharing provisions would expand to new wells.


Why Louisiana Matters to Everyone


Oil and Gas Industry
9,300 miles of pipelines cross the marshes of coastal Louisiana. The network of energy facilities located in and around the Louisiana wetlands produces or transports nearly 1/3rd of the nation’s oil and gas supply, and is tied to 50% of the nation’s refining capacity. 80% of the nation’s offshore domestic oil and gas supply is transported through these wetlands.


Water Transportation
10 major navigation routes are located in South Louisiana. 5 of the busiest ports in the US, ranked by total tons (469 tons), are located here. This represents 19% of annual US waterborne commerce.


Louisiana is by far the nation’s largest shrimp, oyster, and blue crab producer and provides 26% of the commercial fish landing in the lower 48 states.


The North American Flyway passes directly over south Louisiana. More than 5 million migratory waterfowl spend the winter in Louisiana’s marshes. The Mississippi River provides drainage for 41% of the continental US.


Please help us by contacting your senators and representatives today. We need your help. URGE them to support the OCS Revenue Sharing Bill.


Thank you very much.


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