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Republicans can’t “get’r done” for Louisiana

Posted by schroeder915 on December 6, 2006

Despite the campaign of fear-mongering by “conservative” talk show hosts on WWL, WIST, and “the new 995” about how Louisiana’s prospects would diminish under the soon-to-be Democratically-controlled Congress, it turns out that the real problem is that the Republicans can’t get’r done for Louisiana.

Ever since Americans across the country fired the Republican Party from Congress, the message by local partisan talk show hosts has been that the OCS oil revenue sharing bill absolutely had to pass now, during the Republican Congress, before Democrats take over control in January.

Until then, Republicans still have a majority in the House and Senate which they could use to get’r done by passing the OCS oil revenue sharing bill for Louisiana.

Recognizing that they didn’t have enough votes today to pass the bill, House Republicans dropped the bill for a possible vote later this week.

I don’t care which party gets the bill passed. Radio hosts are playing a dangerous game of political football with the future of Louisiana and her residents by choosing Republicans over Democrats, and that’s just plain bad for Louisiana. We’re above politics now. What matters more than party affiliation here is Category 5 storm protection and coastal restoration.


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