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Left Behind: The story of the New Orleans Public School System

Posted by schroeder915 on December 6, 2006

It’s one of the most important films about New Orleans. Go.

Left Behind: the story of the New Orleans Public School System
Tuesday, December 5th
Canal Place Cinemas
7:30 pm.
Admission is $10 and seating is limited


A second screening at Canal Place is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30


A 90-minute documentary directed by Vince Morelli and Jason Berry which was shot before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, telling the story of three African-American high school seniors as they navigate through their final year in “the worst public school system in America.” The film examines the core of our American values, the framework by which we live, and how our most vaunted beliefs and government policies have played a role in our nation’s shame.

2 Responses to “Left Behind: The story of the New Orleans Public School System”

  1. How about all those wing nuts on the radio touting the benefits of charter schools and then pretending this is not the concept of some bed wetting liberal? Of charters schools are great compared to what we have. But lets look at the reasons why. How about a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 8. And unlike the other statistics I am not counting principals and cafateria workiers in the ratio. And how about the fact that Parents that are motivated enough to put their kids in a charter lotery are the kinds of parents that would have shown up at parent teacher day and had better students as children. But the Big reason, a dedicated teacher that works 16 hours a day for little to no pay! Don’t compare the success of charter schools to the public schools to promote your wing-nut over-rationalized under fact based BS.

  2. I have no argument there. Check out the film, though. There are a number of reasons why the New Orleans public schools are not like the public schools you and I might have benefitted from.

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