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“And you didn’t punch her in the face?”

Posted by schroeder915 on December 4, 2006

This was Spud McConnell’s reaction to Bobby Jindal’s remark on WWL last week that he met with the future Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to discuss the vital OCS revenue-sharing legislation.

No, Spud didn’t ask Bobby Jindal why he couldn’t get his legislation passed, and why Mary Landrieu’s bill is now the only one being considered.

No, Spud didn’t ask Jindal if he was playing politics for the Bush administration, and harming Louisiana’s interests, by trying to lift the federal protection from coastal drilling in other states.

No, Spud didn’t ask why, if other states thought the federal ban prevented them from pursuing coastal drilling, they haven’t already voted to allow drilling in their states, as they’ve always been allowed to do.

No, Spud didn’t ask Jindal why he didn’t work with Senator Landrieu earlier, or Nancy Pelosi, or other Democratic members of Congress, to get his legislation passed, or to have the more generous provisions of his bill inserted into Landrieu’s bill.

No, Spud didn’t ask Jindal about the effects of oil drilling activity on Louisiana’s coast, and why that might be a reason for other states to want the federal ban left in place.

Instead, Spud suggested that a member of the United States Congress, the most important institution in the most-revered democracy in the world, should punch another member in the face.

Jindal should have corrected Spud in no uncertain terms. That he didn’t suggests that he either agrees with Spud, or lacks the courage required to defend our sacred democratic institutions from assault.

Spud McConnell should be fired. Period.

If WWL doesn’t do something to remedy the intolerant stupidity of its hosts, its advertisers should drop their sponsorship of WWL, and/or WWL should lose its public license to broadcast.

There is no longer any room in Louisiana for this type of partisan invective. We have tough problems to solve. People who don’t engage in open, fact-based, civil dialog, asking tough questions of our partisan public officials, belong in the waste bin of Louisiana history.


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