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“We shall beat our plowshares into swords”

Posted by schroeder915 on November 30, 2006

Are these the words a true “conservative” would speak? A Christian, or a false prophet?

I flipped radio stations to WIST tonight to hear Michael Savage twisting the prophecy of Isaiah to convince his listeners that if we Americans don’t fight in Iraq, somehow the United States will be overrun with radical Muslims who will cut off our heads if we don’t convert to Islam.


Really? Are we really so weak to think that the only way out of the mess Bush got us into is to keep on killing Muslims in Iraq?

It’s another one of those strawman arguments which self-proclaimed “conservatives” make when they have nothing else of substance to defend what American voters have overwhelmingly decided is a bad war.

Nobody is saying the United States shouldn’t defend itself from legitimate threats, but Iraq isn’t a legitimate threat to Americans. George W. Bush and his incompetent cabal of neocon war profiteers turned a nation of oppressed people into a breeding ground for terrorists. That won’t stop until American troops get out of Iraq. There is absolutely no way for the United States to kill every last insurgent and terrorist. Attempting to do so will only breed greater animosity throughout the Muslim world, turning more moderates into extremists. Everyone agrees that what has been done in the name of Islam by extremists — like beheadings — is deplorable. But becoming inhumane like them isn’t the answer.

Far better it would be to spend our treasure on safeguarding Americans from the rare possibility that a terrorist would try to attack inside our borders with a plane, or a bomb in a port, or with a sniper’s rifle … or … maybe actually catching Osama bin Laden and the rest of his henchmen who really did plot the 9/11 attacks. Those are the truly difficult challenges which the Bush administration has miserably failed to address.

Far more dangerous a threat to our democracy, and to Americans who risk their lives by signing up to defend our nation from real enemies, are “conservative” radio zealots like Michael Savage who use the public airwaves to whip up a frenzy of fear and hatred. It’s people like Savage who have turned the radio spectrum into an ideological, partisan, hate-filled, toxic wasteland.

For the sake of our democracy, we can’t allow ignorant reactionaries like Savage to have access to such a powerful forum for their hatred.

When his only listed advertisers are himself, a Web site hosting company, and an online right-wing merchandise store, one wonders why a station like WIST would stoop to carrying Savage’s show.

What comes to mind examining the way he portrays himself on his Web site?



I see a grisly old man who hides his self-loathing by wrapping himself in the flag.

Consider his credentials:

father, son, husband, brother, ice cream factory worker, busboy, lifeguard, writer, and scientist

Anyone can be a father, son, husband, and brother. Everyone writes. Ice cream factory worker, busboy, and lifeguard hardly qualify as adequate preparation of a respected intellect. Scientist? A lot of them suffer from incredible moral blindspots, ethical shortcomings, social and historical misconceptions — certainly not all, but a singularity of purpose is required to earn a post-graduate degree in a science field. At best, it’s dubious to suggest that being a epidemiologist and nutritional scientist provides a well-rounded background to be considered an expert in world affairs.

Moreover, I find it interesting that Savage is so hawkish when he’s never served in the military himself. If he really believes America is in such peril of being overrun by “IslamoFascists,” why hasn’t he signed up himself to fight them “over there.”

It would be interesting to hear what more devout Christians than myself might have to say about how Savage has twisted the divine hand that authored those words of Isaiah.

Savage might do well to consider the remainder of Isaiah’s prophecy:

4 He will judge between the nations
and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore.


5 Come, O house of Jacob,
let us walk in the light of the LORD.


6 You have abandoned your people,
the house of Jacob.
They are full of superstitions from the East;
they practice divination like the Philistines
and clasp hands with pagans.


7 Their land is full of silver and gold;
there is no end to their treasures.
Their land is full of horses;
there is no end to their chariots.


8 Their land is full of idols;
they bow down to the work of their hands,
to what their fingers have made.


9 So man will be brought low
and mankind humbled—
do not forgive them.

Ask WIST how broadcasting Michael Savage’s hate-filled rants is in any way remotely helpful to New Orleanians trying to rebuild their homes and their neighborhoods. Tell them that we need more, and better, local news and information, not another partisan talk radio station. Tell them that we care less about party affiliation than we do whether or not we get better levees, heal our wetlands, stop global warming and sea-level rise, and rebuild our homes. Those are conservative Louisiana values.


WIST is an “entertainment” station


Kill corporate media


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  1. Dennie Crane said

    You HATE America

  2. Savage is just another talking neo-con boob. I’ve disliked him for years.

  3. Jim Dean said

    On Election Night, DFA-endorsed candidate Barbara McIlvaine Smith was down by 19 votes in her race for the Pennsylvania state house. She refused to concede, saying, “It is not about winning or losing… It’s about making sure our democracy is intact.”

    Earlier this week the count of absentee and military paper ballots concluded, and Barbara won by 23 votes — switching the Pennsylvania House from Republican to Democratic for the first time in 12 years.

    This powerful victory happened because every paper ballot was counted. But across America votes are increasingly being cast electronically with no paper record. Had the election in Pennsylvania been conducted electronically there is no saying how the race might have been decided.

    You helped elect a new Democratic House and Senate in Washington, D.C. It’s time to put our majority into action. Ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi to put paper ballots on the agenda in the new Congress’s first 100 hours:

    The danger of paperless elections is clear. Look at Sarasota County, Florida. They use paperless touch screen voting machines. In the hotly contested Congressional race there, Election Night ended with Republican Vern Buchanan ahead of Democrat Christine Jennings by less than one-quarter of one percent. This triggered an automatic recount.

    On November 20, state election officials certified Buchanan as the winner by 369 votes, despite the fact that there were 18,000 “under-votes” in the county. An under-vote is when a machine reports a vote cast for another office, but not for the Congressional seat. The percentage of under-votes in Democratic leaning Sarasota County was far higher than in surrounding counties. And many voters reported that their votes were not recorded on their electronic ballot. Some said the machine skipped the race while others couldn’t find the race listed at all.

    Currently this contest is being litigated in the courts. But the results of this election will be forever in doubt because there are no paper ballots to review.

    This is unacceptable. Congress has the power to mandate that all elections take place using paper ballots. Ask the new Democratic majority to make it a priority:

    The Democrats are committed to an impressive agenda in the first 100 hours of the Congress. They will raise the minimum wage, require Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices, implement the 9/11 Commission security recommendations, cut the interests rates on student loans, and broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds. But Democrats can’t stop there.

    Let’s restore America’s faith in Democracy too. Let’s make sure that in the first 100 hours the Democratic majority makes paper ballots mandatory:

    Thank you for doing your part,

    Jim Dean

  4. Editor B said

    Every time I hear Savage I am shocked. I think the first time I heard him was back in 2004, when he framed the election as a choice between “Bush and death.” More recently, I’m pretty sure it was him I heard calling for the establishment of concentration camps. He’s so over the top it would be funny, except I get the feeling he’s quite serious, and he has a nationally syndicated radio show.

  5. Editor B said

    PS: Since you seem to be on a WIST kick, I’d love to hear your take on Eric Asher. He’s the only local mid-day talk (last I checked) and I’ve sometimes been favorably impressed. He talks about things you wouldn’t expect on a “conservative” station: decrying racism and upholding environmentalism.

    Funny how conservatives get less so when dealing honestly with local issues.

  6. Franken Sense said

    Here is a great story on this radio stuff:

  7. Franken Sense said

    and another great blog here: The story is below but the links are in the link.

    More on media consolidation and reports from the Seattle FCC public hearing

    I couldn’t actually make it to the FCC public hearing yesterday that I had recommended you attend, but Andrew from the Northwest Progressive Institute did a great job live-blogging the event. Here are summaries of and links to his posts:

    * Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen (you know, the guy who wants to run the Seattle P-I out of town) “complain[ed] about consolidation and centralization of media.”
    * Rep. Jay Inslee (WA-01) and then the two FCC Commissioners spoke….
    * Next the FCC Commissioners listend to concerned community leaders, including KVI’s…

    John Carlson, who was second to speak, mentioned Entercom’s snagging of Rush Limbaugh away from KVI as an example of a big company deciding which distributors may syndicate its “talent”. (He actually referred to Rush Limbaugh as talent). But oddly enough he never referred to Limbaugh, Fisher Broadcasting (owner of KVI), or Entercom by name.

    * Then the FCC Commissioners listened to two minute comments by concerned citizens
    * Finally, Andrew offered some closing thoughts

    Thanks Andrew…you were fucking brilliant!

    (I though I would say that while it was still legal.)

    Fernsehturm has some brief coverage of the event, too: here, here, here, here, and here.

  8. Schroeder said

    Dennie: Those Americans, like you, who accuse their fellow Americans that they hate America, are really the ones who hate America.

    JD: Will you join the fight for media reform? Everything hinges on changing the way we as citizens, right, center, left, and upside down, engage in dialog on the issues that matter for our quality of life, and the democracy we enjoy.

    EB: I can’t give anything more than a visceral reaction without specifics, which is to say that I’ve caught myself on at least one occasion thinking to myself, “Hmmm … he seemed like a reasonable person will to hear a different side of an issue just then.” At other times, however, he sounds just like the rest of the right-wing dittoheads with blinders on.

    FS: Excellent links. I browsed them, and hope to mine some of the content for future posts. Thanks!

  9. By the way Dennie, are you the one who arrived here using the search term “get ready to kill liberals”?

    Who hates America?

  10. Sophmom said

    Great post, Schroeder. It’s so sad, the way *they* stole the word “conservative”. Now, it only means “incompetent cabal of neocon war profiteers” but *they* use it as if it still carried some connotation of patriotism and fiscal responsibility. Liars, masquerading as conservatives, hiding their theiving raiding of the treasury behind the flag that my father and my husband gave big chunks of their lives to actually don the uniform, pick up a gun, ship out and fight for. Despicable phoneys, these neocons, spouting platitudes aimed at our deepest fears to gain power by duping those without the resources to see through their fear mongering. Just plain evil. Patriotism, for Americans, should be about standing up for freedom.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by the blog, darlin’.

  11. Hipokin Borinzet said

    These 5 widely held beliefs and Myths about America explains why Americans listen to Conservative BS Radio

    Top 5 Myths About America

    I can’t take responsibility for this. I found it on the net and can only trace it back to Craigslist. Top 5 Myths About America:

    “MYTH 1: The US was founded on Christian principles.


    This is incorrect.
    The Constitution never once mentions a deity, because the Founding Fathers wanted to keep their new country religion-neutral. Our Founding Fathers were an eclectic collection of Atheists, Deists, Christians, Freemasons and Agnostics.

    George Washington, the Father of our country, and John Adams (Second President of the USA) CLEARLY stated in the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli: The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian Religion.

    G.W. rarely attended church and instead followed a popular 18th century philosophy called Deism a Star Wars-esque philosophy that believed in a cosmic energy or big-ass universal Force. The dictionary says that Deism is a system of thought advocating natural religion based on human reason rather than revelation, that had nothing to do with Christian principles.

    James Madison, original mastermind of our Constitution, was an Atheist to the core who loved skewering Christianity. In 1785 he wrote, What have been [Christianitys] fruits? More or less in all places, pride and indolence in the Clergy, ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.

    Thomas Jefferson, who sat down and authored The Declaration of Independence, rarely missed an opportunity to laugh at Christianity. In a letter to John Adams in 1823, he wrote: The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesuswill be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.

    More ammo: In 1814, Tommy J. wrote about the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, The whole history of these books is so defective and doubtful — evidence that parts have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds.

    In fact, it was President Jefferson himself who first wrote (to a Baptist church group in 1802), The First Amendment has erected a wall of separation between Church and State. Therefore, when Jefferson talked about Natures God, the Creator and divine Providence in the Declaration that he wrote, he was being a hippie and referring to a general cosmic energy– not the Christian God.

    America is not a Christian nation. Period. Our Constitution derived from the post-Christian Enlightenment values of reason and truth…never from the paranoid yammerings of that otherwise compassionate cult leader who ****ing died in the Middle Eastern desert 3000 years ago.

    MYTH 2: US Conservatives tend to be patriotic, ethical Americans; liberals tend to hate America and are immoral. TRUTH:

    Liberals aren’t the traitors to America. In fact, conservatives who insist on sending American troops into the Iraqi slaughterhouse to watch some blood-n’-guts towelhead ass-kickin’ are the traitors. Most of them could care less about our troops, no more than Mao or Stalin cared about the safety of their own soldiers. In the neocons’ view, these young boys and girls are expendable test dummies. They’re dying for virtually nothing, so that the hicks in the Bush Admin can make good on their campaign promises to their buddies from the petroleum and infrastructure-rebuilding industries. By revving up the Arab threat, these MFs can scream national security and freedom as smokescreens, while getting their hands on a diminishing resource: Middle Eastern fossil fuels, which power everything from your lightbulbs and computer that you leave on all night, to your stupid gas-guzzler pickup truck.

    Pro-war conservatives are the traitors to America. With only 29% of the public approving of Bush’s policies now, it took a full 5 years for America to finally wake up in bed next to this disgusting fact.

    Do liberals hate America? No, in fact they care so much about the USA that they fight so aggressively to make it better. They’re not anti-American; they’re just anti-stupidity. Do liberals hate American policies? Sometimes, but only the self-destructive ones that threaten human rights, liberty, democracy, justice, inquiry, excellence and reason– the values that our country was founded upon.

    As for conservative moral superiority? Frauds. Think of the child-molesting priests, money-scamming televangelist preachers, Jack Abramoff’s friends in the Bush Admin, gay-hating Jesus lovers, the Christians who beat up the professor who opposed intelligent design, human rights violators like Lynndie England and her Abu Ghraib hick officer pals, Tommy Scandal-icious Delay, Scooter Leaky Libby, the entire K Street Project meant to hire only Republicans, FEMA’s Michael Yer doin’ a heckuva job Brownie, and so on.

    Oh and by the way, conservative Red states have a divorce rate 27% higher than the liberal Blue states, the per capita rate of violent crime in Red states is 49 per 100,000 higher than in Blue states, the top 5 states with the highest rates of alcohol abuse are Red states, and the per capita rate of gonorrhea in Red states was 41 per 100,000 higher than in the Blue states. Time to unshelf the antibiotics for our ethical, God-fearing conservative friends with their traditional family values.

    MYTH 3. The US has a liberal media.


    This is a paranoid Republican myth.
    Reality check: the US media is a mix of liberal, centrist and conservative voices. Also, the US media is largely owned by 10 corporations who frequently push pro-conservative agendas to the American public. Evidence:
    1. Even Republican Pat Buchanan confessed, For heaven sakes, we kid about the liberal media, but every Republican on earth does that. Neo-conservative pundit Bill Kristol also said, I admit it: the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.

    2. A 2005 study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics found that coverage by public television and radio is conservative compared to the rest of the mainstream media. Why? Partly because only four major corporate networks control American TV news– up to 75% of the audience share. The Big 10 media conglomerates who control the bulk of the entire US media are: AOL Time Warner, Disney, General Electric, News Corporation, Viacom, Vivendi, Sony, Bertelsmann, AT&T and Liberty Media. Yes, we have National Public Radio, but compare its public reach to that of Canada’s CBC and the United Kingdom’s BBC.

    3. Eighty percent of all US newspapers are owned by corporate chains.

    4. Liberals are virtually non-existent on talk radio stations nationwide. Rush and Dr. Laura, eat your hearts out.

    5. Conservatives are very well accomodated for across FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, the New York Post, the American Spectator, the Weekly Standard, the Drudge Report, the National Review, etc. Even so-called bastions of liberalism, e.g. the NY Times, MSNBC, WashPost and NPR make a concerted effort to be fair and balanced by bringing in right-wing views like those of David Brooks, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Charles Krauthammer and Cokie Roberts to have their say in these forums, respectively. This is in stark contrast to FOX News’ claims to unbiased objectivity, which were easily demolished by Robert Greenwald in 2004.

    6. Contrary to what some paranoid Republicans claim, most journalists are centrists, not liberals. A representative sample of 141 US journalists and bureau chiefs were asked in 1998, On social issues, how would you characterize your political orientation? Answers: Left 30%, Center 57%, Right 9%, Other 5% . Next question, same sample: On economic issues, how would you characterize your political orientation? Answers: Left 11%, Center 64%, Right 19%, Other 5%. Also, look at the total number of think tank citations in major newspapers, radio and TV transcripts: Conservative TTs: 7792, Centrist TTs: 6361, Liberal TTs: 1152.

    7. Eric Alterman summarizes a 1999 research study from the academic journal Communications Research: Four scholars examined the use of the ‘liberal media’ argument and discovered a fourfold increase in the number of Americans telling pollsters that they discerned a liberal bias in their news. But a review of the media’s actual ideological content, collected and coded over a twelve-year period, offered no corroboration whatever for this view.

    MYTH 4. The US doesnt need improvement compared to other countries; it is the greatest country in the world.

    TRUTH: Wrong again. I’ll only cite the statistics here.

    USA Ranking on Adult Literacy Scale: ..9
    (..1 Sweden and ..2 Norway)- OECD

    USA Ranking on Healthcare Quality Index: ..37
    (..1 France and ..2 Italy)- World Health Organization 2003

    USA Ranking of Student Reading Ability: ..12
    (..1 Finland and ..2 South Korea)- OECD PISA 2003

    USA Ranking of Student Problem Solving Ability: ..26
    (..1 South Korea and ..2 Finland)- OECD PISA 2003

    USA Ranking on Student Mathematics Ability: .. 24
    (..1 Hong Kong and ..2 Finland)- OECD PISA 2003

    USA Ranking of Student Science Ability: ..19
    (..1 Finland and ..2 Japan)- OECD PISA 2003

    USA Ranking on Women’s Rights Scale: ..17
    (..1 Sweden and ..2 Norway)- World Economic Forum Report

    USA Position on Timeline of Gay Rights Progress: .. 6 (1997)
    (..1 Sweden 1987 and ..2 Norway 1993)- Vexen

    USA Ranking on Life Expectancy: ..29
    (..1 Japan and ..2 Hong Kong)- UN Human Development Report 2005

    USA Ranking on Journalistic Press Freedom Index: ..32
    (..1 Finland, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands tied)- Reporters Without Borders 2005

    USA Ranking on Political Corruption Index: ..17
    (..1 Iceland and ..2 Finland)- Transparency International 2005

    USA Ranking on Quality of Life Survey: ..13
    (..1 Ireland and ..2 Switzerland)- The Economist Magazine …Wikipedia Celtic Tiger if you still have your doubts.

    USA Ranking on Environmental Sustainability Index: ..45
    (..1 Finland and ..2 Norway)- Yale University ESI 2005
    USA Ranking on Overall Currency Strength: ..3 (US Dollar)
    (..1 UK pound sterling and ..2 European Union euro)- FTSE 2006….the dollar is now a liability, so many banks worldwide have planned to switch to euro

    USA Ranking on Infant Mortality Rate: ..32 (..1 Sweden and ..2 Finland)- Save the Children Report 2006

    USA Ranking on Human Development Index (GDP, education, etc.): ..10
    (..1 Norway and ..2 Iceland)- UN Human Development Report 2005

    So much for those socialist Europeans and those backward Asians, hm?
    We can do better than this.

    *Only 18% of Americans own passports and bother to travel outside of the US.
    * 85% of US soldiers in Iraq believe that they are there to get revenge for 9/11.
    * New international student enrollment in US grad schools has decreased by 6%, because of xenophobic post-9/11 US visa restrictions, jacked-up tuition fees and better educational opportunities in the EU and Asia. So no, not everyone wants to come here anymore, because it’s become a land of incredibly limited opportunity, and we’ve lowered our educational standards.

    MYTH 5: The US government loves to help other countries.

    This is a myth. The US government tends to be motivated by interests, not humanitarian principles.

    Denmark gives the most amount of its GDP (1.01%) to developing countries; Norway gives 0.91%; the Netherlands give 0.79% and so on until the end of list, where the USA sits. Yes, America ranks DEAD LAST in foreign aid at a pathetic 0.1% of its GDP, compared to the other 21 nations listed as developed nations. The idea that the US government is a heroic bunch that runs around the world helping the poor and the disempowered is not backed up by the evidence. We have one of the stingiest governments on earth.

    Most Americans believe the US spends 24% of its budget on aid to poor countries; the actual amount is well under a quarter of 1%. Our country also ranks ..5 on asylum-seeker acceptance rates (..1 is Denmark and ..2 is Canada).

    For you self-congratulatory, redneck-inspired conservative ****wads who will start to say, B-b-b-but you’re anti-American M-m-m-moonbat G-g-g-god bless the USA I answer, Go **** yourself. We can do better. Stop blindly believing everything your president tells you. Come back to us only when you start realizing that the $400 billion your president has allocated to his Roman Empire-style military overstretch could be better spent on correcting the sociopolitical and economic problems in the arenas that I’ve listed above.

    For you liberal shit-heels who will start to say, Yeah Right on I answer, Grow some ****ing balls. That goes for women and the LGBT community too, and don’t call me a sexist either. Instead, stop apologizing for being the liberal elite, and start championing un-abashed excellence in everything, not mediocrity. Help your reps and senators take back Congress, and stop dithering while the political tides are turning in your favor right now. The conservatives are terrified now; TAKE advantage of that. And don’t waste time trying to explain rational things to any homophobic Christians, or hyper-patriotic losers who wave and cheapen our American flag only for a self-esteem buzz, or those testosterone-filled, gullible, culturally-ignorant military recruiter robots who lack even a basic intelligence. THEY CANNOT BE REASONED WITH. They don’t understand statistics, elaborate charts, legislative proposals or complicated scientific explanations. Just let them go. Let them go.

    In the meantime, stop being SHEEP and get up and do something before some bright and ambitious Chinese, Indian and the European students grow up to be international leaders and make your lazy, self-absorbed kids irrelevant on the world stage.”

  12. Whoosh. I think I’ll have that drink now.

    Sorry the spam collector trapped your comment for so long. I’m still getting used to figuring out what the appropriate settings are.

  13. katrinacrat said

    Dennie Crane Says:
    December 1st, 2006 at 3:55 am

    “You HATE America”

    WOW!! What a moron!! Actually, I agree with Schroeder and if someone hates America, that would be YOU! I hated it so much as you say, that I wore the dress blues of the US Marines. Now how is that for hate? I did what so many chicken hawks refuse to do.

    I actually served in the military and thus I have every right to speak out. BTW, so do others, because we Veterans gave them that right by being willing to be there if the cause ever arose. But for a real cause, not some trumped up make believe bullshit war to make profits and get votes.

    And to come here by the search results that got you here, just shows what a mental midget you really are! People do not serve in the military to be subjected to the one sided views and attacks of the mentally inferior 30% that live in the dark ages. You want a patriot? Then you have met one now.

  14. Sophmom said

    I like Hipokin Borinzet.

  15. Yeah, who is that Hipokin Borinzet?

    I also like Katrinacrat. I know what it takes to be a Marine — not just physically, but even more, mentally. I’ll just say they don’t teach you the Bill of Rights in basic training. And yet, to come out on the other side with as profound an appreciation for what is worth defending is worthy of the highest commendation this nation offers. Unfortunately, the respect of fellow citizens is the only appreciation we can offer — or maybe, after all, that’s the highest commendation our nation offers. I salute you Katrinacrat.

  16. katrinacrat said

    Thanks Schroeder. I have had my limits with those idiots that choose to question everyones loyalty because they don’t agree with them. They wrap themselves with the flag and think that is what makes someone a patriot. Never once thinking about the people that helped to make this country great and follow that example given by those true American Patriots.

    When it all comes down to the base truth, most of the chickenhawks do not understand, because they never have been in the true position of serving this country and its best interest. They kind of remind me of those old follow the dots from years ago. Following instead of leading. I swear, the more I hear from them, the more I feel like my head will explode!

  17. I recently reminded myself that some are born to lead. They’re the ones who have a broader vision of the world and the meaning of democracy. Others are born to follow. They’re the ones who host partisan talk radio shows, all the while using their forum to flatter themselves with their uneducated “common sense” ignorance.

  18. Podcast Poodle said

    Hi, someone asked me to list some of the podcasts I’ve been enjoying, and I invite others to do the same. A post about how to get podcasts will follow, only someone more technically advanced might wish to help out with that.

    I’ve been enjoying:

    Mother Jones Radio
    Al Franken (Not always podcast…hope they’ll start back now that he’s back from his USO tour)
    Ring of Fire (A show on Air America Radio on Saturdays featuring Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and a hilarious John Edwards-esque trial lawyer named Mike Papantonio)
    Leftwing Nutjob (A very short podcast done in the style of old-time 1940’s radio…he is hilarious)
    Democracy Now
    Blast the Right
    Republicans Behaving Badly

    OK, now if you aren’t familiar with podcasts or how to get them, keep reading:

    Podcasts are mp3’s of radio or sometimes TV shows. The commercials are cut out (Yay) You can download them and listen to them at your own convenience on whatever device you use to listen to mp3’s.

    Some podcasts provide back episodes at their hosting site so you can choose to download past episodes if you want. Others remove all but the very latest and you need to get them on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss any (I think.)

    You need a special program to get podcasts, such as Itunes or Juice, and I think there are a few more that are more popular than Juice. I use Juice. It was formerly known as Ipodder. A program such as Itunes or Juice will go and get the very latest issue of whatever podcast you have subscribed to, when you tell it to “update.” You can set Jucie to update (check for new podcast episodes) every so often, or you can manually tell it to “check now.” I believe Itunes uses the word “Update.” When you tell Itunes to “Update” it does the same thing. It goes to all the podcasts you have subscribed to, and if there is a new episode, it downloads it.

    To subscribe to a podcast in the first place, this is where I need technical help to explain it. You have to find the URL for the podcast and it isn’t like a Web URL exactly. It will look like gobbledy/gook/gobbledy/gook/xml
    I think. Will someone please help explain that. Maybe you can find a tutorial online as to how to find the proper url to copy and paste into your Juice or Itunes software. Usually on a web page that hosts a podcast it will say click here to subscribe to the podcast. What I do is right-click (on a PC) and then select “COPY LINK IN NEW LOCATION” and then open Juice and Juice has a TOOLS….ADD A FEED and I think Itunes has “Advanced….Subscribe to podcast” it’s the same thing. SOMEONE PLEASE CORRECT ME OR ADD TO THIS I don’t understand it very well. Somehow you get from COPY LINK IN NEW LOCATION on the web site, to “ADD A FEED” (Juice) or “SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST” (Itunes) THen if you’re lucky, Juice or Itunes will make note of every existing episode of the podcast you’ve subscribed to….. but it will only go and get the very latest one. You can manually tell it to get the others at your convenience.

    Where to find podcasts…. I google “Air America Radio Podcast” sometimes, but also you can find liberal ones such as Leftwing Nutjob under “Politics” on Podcast Alley (a web site) and there’s also a website named Podcast Pickle. Itunes comes with a podcast directory but there is something funny with Al Franken. On Itunes Podcast Directory it only shows official snippets of back Al Franken interviews. Juice will find the real Al Franken show from time to time, apparently done by a volunteer amateur (I think) and put on bit torrent. Juice will get it that way. I can’t get Itunes to do that.

    As you can see, I am in need of technical help for a better explanation but you’re all liberals so you’re all smart so I figure you are way ahead of me.

  19. It’s true. When you point out their infinite wrongness they gang up and attack you. In lieu of facts, attack is their mantra. Their priorities are also misplaced. As Bob Geiger points out, their “outrage” is directed not at those who commit the wrongs in the world, but the media that has the temerity to refute the propaganda of their leaders on rare occasions.

    But what’s more interesting than anything is how much time and energy these guys are spending trying make a story about an atrocity untrue — and it’s an act that was not even alleged to have involved U.S. troops. This is what they go after like little toy pitbulls. This is what they get angry and passionate about.

    It’s not our nation being lied into a pointless war that gets their collective goat. It’s not almost 3,000 dead American troops and tens of thousands more wounded physically and/or emotionally for life. Untold thousands of dead Iraqi civilians isn’t enough to make them lose sleep at night. And placing hundreds of billions in debt on our children to make us less safe doesn’t raise their ire and drive them to dig for the truth.

    There’s also the matter of just blindly accepting assertions that agree with your world view. Centcom by its very nature produces spin and propaganda. At some level, that’s what they’re supposed to do. The problem is the current incarnation of Centcom under Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush doesn’t try and spin a pro-America message to the rest of the world. They spin a pro-Republican message and their target is the American people*. Skepticism is a virtue, folks, you’ll look less like the dummies you are if you remembered that.

    * I believe when the history is written we’ll finally learn that the Coalition Provisional Authority run by Paul Bremer in 2003-04 was more focused on tamping down news of Iraqi chaos to help President Bush’s re-election than as any sort of actual organization working to secure Iraq.

  20. rickbrah said

    eric asher used to be my favorite sports talk guy pre katrina.

    right after katrina he had the same everyman aproach to his local talk show.

    after nagin got re-elected he had a meltdown and started being less neutrel in his opionens.

    he is still the guy who will listen and give a mia culpa if you prove him wrong. i.e. he’s a conservitave with an open mind.

    i’ll take him over ten spuds any day.

    after katrina he was nonpartsan and pro new orleans and on the air so he earned some slack in my mind.

    unlike garland and the boys he still has a little credance with me because of his stance post katrina.

    i have conservitave friends who i dont agree with on all issiues but at the end of the day we are still friends who would help each other out of a jam and thats what asher’s voice sounds like to me on the radio. every thing else on that station sucks.

  21. Ned Allen said

    Subject: Contact Michael Savage, one of the leaders of Hate Radio – January 2007

    You may be one of the hundreds of people who’ve called the Savage Nation radio talk show to make a point and been abruptly cut off in mid-conversation. You can continue your thoughts in writing. Contact Michael “Savage” using his real name and address at:

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    111 St. Thomas Way
    Tiburon, CA 94920

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    c/o The Paul Revere Society
    150 Shoreline Hwy, Bldge E
    Mill Valley, CA 94941

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    c/o KNEW
    340 Townsend St.
    San Francisco, CA 94107

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    c/o Ian K. Boyd of Harvey Siskind Jacobs LLP
    4 Embarcadero Center, 39th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    c/o Rockstar, Inc.
    101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 777
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Dr. Michael A. Weiner
    c/o Rockstar, Inc.
    P. O. Box 27740
    Las Vegas, NV 89126


  22. polybil said

    Anyone can be a father, son, husband, and brother. Everyone writes. Ice cream factory worker, busboy, and lifeguard hardly qualify as adequate preparation of a respected intellect. Scientist? A lot of them suffer from incredible moral blindspots, ethical shortcomings, social and historical misconceptions — certainly not all, but a singularity of purpose is required to earn a post-graduate degree in a science field. At best, it’s dubious to suggest that being a epidemiologist and nutritional scientist provides a well-rounded background to be considered an expert in world affairs.
    ________________________________________________ Ronald Reagan was an actor and a damn good president. So where did you start? I have a degree and guess what, I was an iceman, a milkman, a service station attendant, a roustabout(that’s offshore) an accountant, I learned how to fly an airplane & sail a boat! My point is that in your post{not all your thoughts) there is critisism of what you might have done earlier in your life. I an probably kup in age over you and in my time there were a lot of “soda jerks”. Where you?

  23. Yeah, that’s true, Ronald Reagan was an actor. He was elected president, but he never stopped acting. He sucked as president — he’s the reason we’re now fighting Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Baathists in Iraq.

    Other than that, what exactly was your point?

  24. FP said

    Our founding Fathers set up the Constitution and this country in such a way as to protect us from people like GW Bush and the Evangical movement trying to rid the seperation of Church and state. If you have not read Carter’s new Book I would suggest taking a look at this short article outlining the some of the many facts that are hidden from Americans.

    For most americans, the discusion begins and ends with “We hate Arabs”.

  25. Schroeder said

    Those who don’t like the separation of church and state should move to Iran.

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