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“Don’t let Mark Foley pat your ass on the way out!”

Posted by schroeder915 on November 8, 2006

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!

Good riddance to the Republican Party devolution.

Overnight, I feel like my country came back to me. I feel like an American again!

Despite Republican dirty tricks, push polling, negative ads, hassling Democratic households with telemarketing calls, intimidation, and voter fraud, American voters prevailed.

The Democrats needed 15 seats to win control of the House. They got 26!

The Senate is still up for grabs, pending likely recounts, but right now it looks like the Democrats will get enough seats to take control of the Senate as well. Democratic candidates in Virginia and Montana came out ahead overnight as strongly Democratic precinct counts were tallied, giving the Democrats the 6 seats they needed. It’s a vindication of Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy.


SOURCES: Associated Press, Congressional Quarterly | GRAPHIC: The Washington Post – November 8, 2006

What is this? It’s like 1986 all over again. We have a Democratic Congress, a delusional president, and Daniel Ortega is running Nicaragua again!

Here’s what I want on the agenda:

  • Coastal restoration in Louisiana.
  • Category 5 storm protection.
  • The United States spends more in a month in Iraq than it’s allocated for relief to homeowners in Louisiana. More money is has gone missing to contractors in Iraq than has been spent for relief to homeowners. The money still isn’t getting into the hands of the more than 200,000 New Orleanians left homeless for 14 months. We should do better than that.
  • A serious strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade.
  • A serious Congressional investigation into the lies of the Bush administration to pursue war in Iraq.
  • Require the Bush administration to deliver an Iraq exit strategy.
  • The Fairness Doctrine restored, and an FCC that requires commercial stations to serve local communities better.

Thank you Stephanie Miller for the post title.


I should note that many kittens were saved as well last night! 😉


And now, as Donald Rumsfeld cleans out his desk, he can certainly be sure that “there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.” Just as surely he can now also say, while looking for a new job, that “we also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”


Rumsfeld should have been fired a long time ago, right about the time he passed blame onto the military for his own failure to get armor to troops by saying, “as you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” Unfortunately, it shouldn’t have taken the worst president ever the loss of his party’s control of Congress to learn that he shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq with the Secretary of Defense he had, but should have listened to the generals, the critics, the real intelligence … his father.


If he had listened to those other perspectives, he’d have known that he shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq at all. If there’s any lesson George W. Bush should now have learned (and hopefully we as a nation have learned), it’s that critics might actually know what they’re talking about. Those who aren’t willing to listen to criticism, are inevitably going to make mistakes. In this case of Iraq, with more than 2800 American soldiers killed, and more than 21,000 injured, the mistake couldn’t have been more costly.


Maybe Rumsfeld can start a new career as the poet laureate.


14 Responses to ““Don’t let Mark Foley pat your ass on the way out!””

  1. F P said

    Why are all the media sources only talking about Iraq as the deciding issue? I think the GOP kept Iraq in the debate because they believed their scare commercials would work again. The truth is that what happened back at home in this country is in a lot of ways a bigger and more important issue. Democrats need to quit letting the Republicans frame the debates and create the issues that America votes on. Lets make sure that during the next presidential race Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans get discussed! It is good for us but it is especially good for Democrats across the country. Lets frame the Debate. And lets be honest. Last nights win was the result of inappropriate and insensitive Jokes.

    A lot of this turn around is because of insensitive Jokes:

    During Bush’s first visit to the disaster area, he made inappropriate jokes about how he knew New Orleans during his party days all too well and joked that he hoped to visit Republican Senator Trent Lott’s new house upon hearing that his beachfront estate was destroyed. In a fateful comment, Bush told his hapless FEMA director Michael Brown on camera: “You are doing a heck of a job, Brownie.” Bush’s first visit to the area kept him away from New Orleans and isolated from angry people who would confront him. His visit to the heavily damaged city of Biloxi, Mississippi was preceded by a team that cleared rubble and corpses from the route that the president would take, leaving the rest of the city in ruin. The same day, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bush remarked, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees” at a time when the media had circulated copious reports of previous warnings by scientists, journalists, and government officials concerning dangers of the levees breaching and catastrophic flooding in the city of New Orleans, much of which was dangerously below sea level.

    Brown himself appeared eager to answer these questions, evidently angered at having been abandoned and “thrown to the wolves” by his former patrons in the White House.

    In his testimony, Brown said that as early as 10 a.m. on August 29—four hours after the hurricane hit ground—he first learned that the levees surrounding New Orleans had been breached, and that this had caused severe flooding in parts of the city. This information came from Marty Bahamonde, a public affairs officer for FEMA and the only FEMA official in New Orleans at the time.

    Brown told the Senate committee that he “put a call in and spoke to—I believe it was Deputy Chief of Staff Hagin—on at least two occasions on that day to inform him of what was going on.” He said he may also have spoken to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

    Since Hagin was with Bush in Texas at the time, talking to Hagin was “like speaking to the President,” Brown said. “I think I told [Hagin] that we were realizing our worst nightmare, that everything we had planned about, worried about, that FEMA, frankly, had worried about for 10 years, was coming true,” he testified.

    When do think Bush is going to appologize?

  2. Steve said

    I find your blind adoration for and misguided faith in the Democratic party quite foolish, just as I find many Republican worshipers. You are both sewn from the same cloth. People like YOU are the reason why this nation is in such trouble. There is really little difference in my mind between you and the bible thumping lunatic Republicans. You are both incapable of any original thought and blindly adhere to the misguided belief that the party that you emotionally cling to is much better than the one you hate. THEY BOTH SUCK AND THE ADHERENCE TO THE DUALISTIC 2 PARTY SYSTEM IS THE GREATEST PROBLEM IN THIS NATION. All other problems that you so often enumerate stem from this main problem.
    I will say this, it’s better to have these 2 fucked up organizations split power in the government than have one have an outright majority. This way, perhaps they can do less damage. That being said, the proof is in the pudding, let’s sit back and watch your heroic Democratic party do all the wonderful things that you think it’s going to do. Sure, they’ll pay lots of lip service as they bask in their victory, but let’s see what we can point to 2 years from now. Bullshit, more bullshit. Congratulations!

  3. F P said

    Why are all the media sources only talking about Iraq as the deciding issue? I think the GOP kept Iraq in the debate because they believed their scare commercials would work again. The truth is that what happened back at home in this country is in a lot of ways a bigger and more important issue. Democrats need to quit letting the Republicans frame the debates and create the issues that America votes on. Lets make sure that during the next presidential race Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans get discussed! It is good for us but it is especially good for Democrats across the country. Lets frame the Debate. And lets be honest. Last nights win was the result of inappropriate and insensitive Jokes.

    see my post in the other article here:

  4. Larry said


    This bunch of idiots takes the cake though! There are some good Republicans but for christ sake can we get the Oil business out of office? Gore was right! And George Tennet had a better handle on things than any of these puppets. That is why we like Democrats!

  5. The answer to the partisan problem is one that will take numerous election cycles to rectify. This mid-term election was a huge step in that regard. I get tired of hearing that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. You’ve got to be kidding. I mean, sure, the Dems could use a lot of work; but it’s hard enough lumping moderate Republicans with the neocons in power, much less the Democrats. Such thinking is overly simplistic and makes calls for a third party sound more reactionary than they should be.

    At least now we know that the damage to our electoral system is’t completely irreversible. And that alone is cause for celebration, at least for now.

  6. f p said

    All we have to do now, is take these lies and think them through

    This should come as no surprise to anyone following his 1994 campaign for governor. Even though the crime rates had dropped during Ann Richards’ tenure as governor, the Bush campaign pushed crime as a major issue. Polls showed voters becoming more concerned about crime, ranking as one of the most important issues that election where only a few months earlier, it was ranked around 10th in importance. The Bush team brought in a strategy being used in other states in which Republicans were running against women. Why? The public thinks that women are softer on crime than men (or did then, at least). Bush ads showed women being attacked and accused Richards of being weak on crime. :

    Here is the whole Carl Rove Campainging Method revealed:

    and Here:

    Now here is a Video about Freedom :

  7. Sour grapes Steve? Sore loser?

    The fact of the matter is that, historically, third parties have often driven the nation’s agenda in a new direction, but their ideas tended eventually to be absorbed by either the Republicans or the Democrats. I do believe we need a reinvigoration of debate about the priorities of this nation. I think the Democratic Party has spent its time in the wilderness, and is having that debate. For now, at least, there is no third party that has captured the attention of the voters. Your friends, the Libertarians, don’t offer solutions. They offer hardfast ideological positions, like less government and flat taxes, which don’t match the sentiments of people who believe the government truly does have a role to play in defending the middle class way of life.

    So Steve … did you end up voting Libertarian? A lot of good that would do. If everyone else in the country did that, splitting the Democratic vote — because these days there’s more in common with Libertarians and Democrats than the neocon-Revelation fulfilling-fascist Republican Party — we’d be waking up today to more of the corporate whoring stay the course Republican scare politics.

    The point I’m making Steve, is that there may be little we can do to change two-party politics other than to participate in the process, and seize back local control of the tools of communication from radical partisan media corporations.

    I suspect that you’re making the same complaint that people would have made 200 years ago about our system.

    As Churchill (who I’m so fond of quoting) said:

    No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

    We have a system, Steve, that isn’t ideal, but that we have to live with. Checks and balances is the principle which has made that system work for most of U.S. history. What we’ve observed over the last 6 years is how arrogant one-party power leads to corruption, cover-ups, immorality, irrational foreign policy, passing a credit card debt to China onto future generations, yada yada yada …

    It’s time for a change. It’s time for accountability. It’s time to restore a balance of power in our government. When the leadership of our government begins acting crazy and irrational, it’s time for the opposition to take over.

    Most people in America — a *lot* of them Republicans — realize that the Democratic Party taking over Congress is good, and necessary.

  8. f p said

    what about net neutrality? Get dollar bill jefferson out, and Bobby (brain dead) Jindall too!

  9. Bobby “broken-recorder, Bush-apologist, inflexible-ideologue” Jindal.

    Sure net neutrality as well. I’d bundle all of the communications issues (which I *really* do think are critical) under the heading “media democracy”.

  10. Steve said

    No, no sour grapes or sore loser, I live in Louisiana, 2d District, I didn’t vote FOR anyone, just voted against an upstanding member of one of the 2 major parties, Bill Jefferson. Did you really think that I thought we could destroy the 2 parties in this election? Like you, the vast majority of the American voting public is not quite the evolved. If anything, I’m a realist.
    Nevertheless, what you fail to realize, and apparently failed to glean from my previouse comment, was that Demos will submit to the very same corruption of power.
    I agree, as I said above, that splitting the government between the 2 is a good thing, less damage to be done, but if you truly expect the utopia that you are spouting above to occur due to one party winning out over the other one (this time the Demos) you will become just as cynical as me soon enough.

  11. Lenny Zimmermann said

    Voting Libertarian, for me, is not something I do because I expect my vote to make a difference (statistically one vote making any kind of difference if really quite minuscule anyway). No, I vote Libertarian to make the only possible statement I can in our modern political climate. That I simply CANNOT agree with the political aims of either of the two major parties in this country. And I, at least, am trying, in my very small way, to change the outmoded and ridiculous mindset that that paints everything black and white, left and right, Democratic and Republican.

    Did you know that several places throughout the country have now passed some form of preference voting? (
    We actually have preference voting available in Louisiana, but only for Military members voting by absentee ballot. The rest of us are still stuck with voting against candidates, rather then voting for one. (Well, I’m voting FOR a candidate, but that’s because I don’t vote with the idea of “wasting” my vote!)

    What do you want me to do? Dems push solutions that are fiscally poor, expanding government as if it were somehow the answer to all our problems. (THIS administration should be proof positive that government IS the problem, not a solution.) It’s all fine and dandy as long as the folks in power are responsible and truly moral in caring for their fellow man, but frankly that doesn’t happen and every little power grab that expands government only makes it easier for the next fellow who is not so more, responsible or caring to use that behemoth for evil means. If the Dems would actually remember their Jeffersonian roots (go back, read Locke, and Adam Smith and so many of the other, classical liberal thinkers and really give a good hard look at how those principles propelled this country farther and faster then any previous civilization on the planet, then ask why Dems ever decided it would somehow be better to ignore those principals today?)

    The Reps SAID they were for fiscal responsibility and cutting government back to it’s lean, mean, necessary size to protect our rights (PROTECT, not abuse!). Well that apparently went out the window and besides they seemed to think that putting government into my bedroom (and stepping all over our civil rights) was somehow a good thing. What a crock. (I’ve never voted Rep, mind you, because I always thought they were full of crock and their time in power has only proved the point to me so very definitively.)

    So if I vote Dem I vote for civil liberties but against fiscal conservatism (well, sorta, since Clinton sure had no problems expanding the drug war, as if prohibition ever worked), or I vote Rep to, supposedly, vote for fiscal conservatism but against my civil liberties. Sorry, I don’t like either choice and I REFUSE to be so un-American, as I have been int he past, to simply just vote AGAINST the lesser of two evils. So screw that whole gotta-live-with-the-way-the system-is, BS. I’ll continue voting FOR my (and YOUR) civil liberties as well as FOR smaller, leaner, fiscally responsible, transparent, accountable government. So far the only candidates really touting that line almost entirely come out of the Libertarian Party. So I vote Liberal every time, Classical Liberal, that is.

  12. Steve said

    . . . and, for a little more of what this means for us down here in Louisiana, see the following:

  13. F P said

    These guys were giving away the store down here. While they might be useful for the recovery effort nobody ever made a genuine effort to restore the coastlines and wetlands or take care of the dead zones and red tides killing our seafood industries. Our politicians are working for the oil and casino businesses. Who quite frankly like to keep a low profile. Louisiana has one of the largest and most important wetlands in the United states yet it has an environmental policy like that of Nigeria. The last thing we need right now is cozy politicians that would rather keep a low profile and are afraid to make waves. We need a group in the senate and congress that will work with global and national organizations like unions or Greenpeace and others and start raising some hell to get the state turned around. The best thing we got going right now is the communities willingness to see corruption like the tax assessors who held the jobs in the same families for generations. A 75% vote for consolidating is awesome! Don’t forget the planet is not getting any cooler and more Louisiana communities will be washed away. Lets keep the momentum going even if means a step or two backwards to get started. more important to what party is in charge is having the people engaged at grass roots levels . Keep the people involved and informed and quit letting everyone vote based off of repeated sound bites.

  14. Steve, I love how that article argues that the problem is the Democrats, not the Republicans.

    Let’s see … the Republicans shut the Democrats out of the discussion on issues for years, so ipso facto, the Democrats will play the same nasty games? I don’t agree with that logic.

    And Republicans Baker and McCrery might quit to become Washington lobbyists, so blame the Democrats for winning?

    If anything, I think a Democratic Congress will pay closer attention to the issues that benefit Louisiana — at a macro scale, global warming. More locally specific, I think a Democratic Congress will benefit from demonstrating that it can do a better job than the Republicans have of responding to the recovery needs of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

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