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“Please do something”

Posted by schroeder915 on November 6, 2006

The Times-Picayune:

Officials appeared to be deeply moved by emotional testimony of Katrina victim Gloria Muhammad. In testimony both familiar and wrenching, Muhammad, 60, told of being evacuated to Houston, robbed there, and returning to Hammond to live with her 19-year-old daughter.

She said she and thousands more are nearing emotional exhaustion, flirting with thoughts of suicide.

“Please do something,” she pleaded. “Talking time is over. We need action.”

If George W. Bush and the Republican Party wanted the recovery to move faster, you can believe it would happen. It isn’t enough to claim credit for fulfilling basic federal obligations to pay off flood insurance claims and clean debris off of the streets. Very little money has actually gotten into the hands of people who need it. Only 18 homeowners have received federal grants to help rebuild their homes thus far, for a total of $693,215. A number of excuses could be made for why this travesty is being allowed to happen, but fundamentally, there’s absolutely no presidential directive to get things moving. It’s getting late in the game for people who’ve been living wherever and however they can.

We need to get people back into their homes. We need residents to be able to participate in rebuilding the city. We need to rebuild a city that’s prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

We need to stop allowing hypocritical, crank-addict, sexual-deviant religious zealots, and elitist boneless chickenhawks to define the agenda for this nation. It’s time to move this country forward, and New Orleans will be considered the measure for how we’re doing as a nation.

There is a revolution underfoot. Your vote for a Democratic majority in Congress will be the first victory. Answer Ms. Muhammed’s plea, and the plea of hundreds of thousands of other Katrina victims still languishing while waiting for assistance.

Do something. Vote.

  • The Times-Picayune has a great election guide.
  • The Louisiana Secretary of State’s guide to constitutional amendments on the ballot.
  • The Times-Picayune recommendations on the constitutional amendments (not a PGR endorsement).
  • Find out where to vote by entering your address (or call 1-800-883-2805).

Finally, here’s a little cold cash for your vote.



11 Responses to ““Please do something””

  1. f P said

    I hope you guys have sense of enough to get rid of all those cozy tax assessors!

  2. God yes! What a bunch of scumbags.

    Much to their credit, the ladies who put together the one consolidated, multi-parish levee district, have also gotten behind the consolidated assessor’s office. It wasn’t a sure thing that they’d see the logic of doing so.

  3. f P said

    Also , not that it matters much, Bobby Jindal is begining to change his stance on abortion. He says he would be in favor of allowing an abortion for embryos that are gay. If you want to know where the candidates stand on these issues, you can view it all here:

  4. Ha! That would certainly take care of that pesky problem the Republican Party is having lately with its closet deviants.

  5. Tara said

    Hey Schroeder– Jsut thinking aboutyou and the city today. Good luck cleaning house down there (and here for that amtter). I just arrived at work from the polls. Now I am spending the rest of my day nagging my friends and coworkers about voting.

  6. Scrub-a-dub-dub. Good for you Tara! It just ought to be a day off from everything but voting. Think about what that could do not just to stimulate voter turnout, but civic dialog, as people use the day to socialize and talk about an election.

  7. f P said

    Over at HuffPo, Bob Burnett spells it out as clearly as one can. Conservatism is failing. Then he goes on to tell us why…

    Quoting Alan Wolfe in Why Conservatives Can’t Govern,

    Contemporary conservatism is a walking contradiction. Unable to shrink government but unwilling to improve it, conservatives attempt to split the difference, expanding government for political gain… The end result is not just bigger government, but more incompetent government.

    Wolfe and Burnett hit the nail on the head…

    Smart Mass ::
    Conservatism is Cancer

    In my business experience, nothing shuts down sales faster than unhappy customers. Naturally, the business savvy conservative knows this. Since they are not able to destroy the government the old fashioned way – starving it to death – they set out to do it with a more subtle, slower, and equally destructive process for creating unhappy citizens; cancer.
    We know that man has invented many cancer causing agents for example, benzene and carbon tetrachloride. These agents work on the body in odd ways and sometimes start the nasty diseases commonly known as cancers. Cancer then destroys from within. Today’s form of conservativism is doing the same thing..
    Do I need to cite evidence of this cancer? No, but here are a few anyway….

    Katrina – a perfect example of government incompetence or was it?  Fiction could not have invented a better way to create dissatisfaction with our government. FEMA and our government ignored warnings and were slow to respond to the crisis. Thousands of people and a city died as a result. Were your expectations of government lowered? If so, the conservatives were successful. The rest of us know better. We know that Katrina was  not “government” incompetence as much as it was “crony” incompetence.
    Iraq – while not necessarily a cancer, it certainly contributes to the growth of cancer. Iraq weakens the whole system by draining off billions of dollars. This makes it easy for cancer to spread. Take $300 to $500 billion out of the system and it should be no surprise that other government services get sick. As the government gets sicker, cronies-in-charge can say, “Look how bad the government is doing.” What are they really saying? “Look how our work to weaken the immune system is making government work so poorly.”
    Domestic Spying – This is more subtle. Instead of undermining the government by doing a lousy job, get people pissed at the government for snooping. While Katrina creates distrust in government through poor execution, Domestic Spying creates distrust through illegal action. Either way, to the uninformed mind, expectations of government suffer. Again, the rest of us know that it is the conservative movement’s way of spreading disease and deflecting the blame.

    You get the idea…read a list of Conservative/GOP/Bush wrongs at
    Let me end with Grover Norquists’ now infamous quote:

    My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.

    Conservatism is not destroying the Government by shrinking its outward size. Like a cancer, it is destroying it from within. However, In the end, the result is the same. Government will not have the strength to fight off the forces trying to drown it.

  8. Great articles. I liked the cancer analogy.

    Yes, I say, these are great analyses, but how do we now untrain all the brainwashed masses who are only capable of learning the conservative one-liners, never thinking for themselves all the way through what the consequences are?

  9. f p said

    I few more storms and waves of climate refugees ought to do it. I don’t know. Why do all the haters and cynics like the right? Maybe ‘hate’ is a better get out the vote motivator?

  10. gbitch said

    but how do we now untrain all the brainwashed masses who are only capable of learning the conservative one-liners, never thinking for themselves all the way through what the consequences are?

    Teach critical thinking rather than multiple choice high-stakes tests?

  11. F P said

    A lot of this turn around is because of insensitive Jokes:

    During Bush’s first visit to the disaster area, he made inappropriate jokes about how he knew New Orleans during his party days all too well and joked that he hoped to visit Republican Senator Trent Lott’s new house upon hearing that his beachfront estate was destroyed. In a fateful comment, Bush told his hapless FEMA director Michael Brown on camera: “You are doing a heck of a job, Brownie.” Bush’s first visit to the area kept him away from New Orleans and isolated from angry people who would confront him. His visit to the heavily damaged city of Biloxi, Mississippi was preceded by a team that cleared rubble and corpses from the route that the president would take, leaving the rest of the city in ruin. The same day, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bush remarked, “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees” at a time when the media had circulated copious reports of previous warnings by scientists, journalists, and government officials concerning dangers of the levees breaching and catastrophic flooding in the city of New Orleans, much of which was dangerously below sea level.

    Brown himself appeared eager to answer these questions, evidently angered at having been abandoned and “thrown to the wolves” by his former patrons in the White House.

    In his testimony, Brown said that as early as 10 a.m. on August 29—four hours after the hurricane hit ground—he first learned that the levees surrounding New Orleans had been breached, and that this had caused severe flooding in parts of the city. This information came from Marty Bahamonde, a public affairs officer for FEMA and the only FEMA official in New Orleans at the time.

    Brown told the Senate committee that he “put a call in and spoke to—I believe it was Deputy Chief of Staff Hagin—on at least two occasions on that day to inform him of what was going on.” He said he may also have spoken to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

    Since Hagin was with Bush in Texas at the time, talking to Hagin was “like speaking to the President,” Brown said. “I think I told [Hagin] that we were realizing our worst nightmare, that everything we had planned about, worried about, that FEMA, frankly, had worried about for 10 years, was coming true,” he testified.

    When do think Bush is going to appologize?

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