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“He’s a ruthless little bastard”

Posted by schroeder915 on November 6, 2006

Richard Nixon said that.

Who was he was talking about? Saddam Hussein possibly?

That would be a good guess, and you’d be warm.

That “ruthless little bastard” was Donald Rumsfeld. He’d have to be for him to shake hands with Saddam Hussein after Hussein started using chemical weapons against Iran, and later against the Kurds.


But if Rummy thought it was okay back then, and now Saddam is sentenced to hang for the crime of gassing the Kurds, shouldn’t Rummy be sentenced as an accomplice? Especially since United States complicity in actions like the gassing of Iranian Shiites goes a long way toward explaining why the United States is so vilified in that part of the world.

On Radio Nation yesterday, columnist Sean Gonsalves quoted an Iraqi woman who said “a third of us are being killed, a third are fleeing, and another third are widowed.” It’s easy to have a war on the other side of the planet while we go on hoarding the world’s oil so we some people can blissfully drive 6-ton SUV’s to church. When did gluttony become a Christian family value? Is gluttony one of the family values shared by Mark Foley and Ted Haggard?

It’s time for the United States to recognize how much of the rest of the world sees our government, not as a beacon of hope welcoming the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but more like a Colossus “with conquering limbs astride from land to land.”

A nation of educated people can elect intelligent leaders to both win wars when we are attacked, and show a humanitarian face to the world to win over the hearts and minds of those who yearn to be free.

It starts with your vote for accountability in government.

It requires your vote for a different kind of leadership in Congress.

Democrats are the true liberals, fighting to defend the middle class, and Democrats are the true conservatives, fighting for fiscal sanity and a rational foreign policy.

It’s the Republicans in Washington who have given us the quagmire in Iraq, and added trillions to the national debt.

Don’t you think we can do better than that?

Vote for a Democrat in your district on November 7th.


8 Responses to ““He’s a ruthless little bastard””

  1. anonymouse said

    What about Carl Rove? check it out here in bushes Texas campaign on crime:

    and here

  2. Lenny Zimmermann said

    I certainly agree with the sentiment, but I’d amend it to read “DON’T vote Republican.” (Mainly because I’ll be voting Libertarian, although I’m in the 1st District and the chances of anyone dethroning Bobby Jindahl is somewhere between slim and none, and Dems shot themselves in the foot by running 2 Dems in the race thereby utterly ruining any hope they might have had of defeating the incumbent by splitting their own vote.)

    Any true conservative, however, should stand up and recognize that the GoP is in no way serving the cause of conservatism. Either staying away form the polls (if you just can;t bring yourself to not vote Republican) or voting against Republican candidates is out best bet of at least getting divided government. Any change of control in Congress might actually get King George to remember he has a veto power, even if he’s just using it out of spite. It’s the only way to get both parties to hold each other accountable.

    A vote against a Republican in this election IS a vote for conservatism! (Well, at least fiscal conservatism, and I really, really hope the Dems will remember that and remember the Jeffersonian roots while they’re at it!)

  3. Really Lenny, you have to admit to yourself that either Democrat running in the First District race has a better platform than Beary’s flat tax and Social Security privatization. Regardless of how you feel about those issues, they’re non-starters, as are the other things on his agenda.

    We need someone who will represent Louisiana by being, first of all, a cheerleader for the needs of our state. That person is David Gereighty (if all you’re doing is looking at the platform).

    Otherwise, I think a lot of our problems really do stem from the degradation of civil discourse in the public square ever since the Fairness Doctrine was killed by Reagan. I like Stacey Tallitsch’s vision in standing up for that issue, and I think he’d have people on the other side of the aisle who would agree.

    I’d like to ask that you consider again the platforms, and vote your conscience that way, rather than simply vote Libertarian.

    Here’s a basic rundown of their platforms:

    Stacey Tallitsch (Dem.):
    * End war in Iraq.
    * Enhance Social Security without privatizing.
    * Increase spending on public schools.
    * Reinstate Federal Communications Commission fairness doctrine requiring broadcasters to give free response time to persons named in controversial news reports.

    David Gereighty (Dem.):
    * Improve infrastructure, especially levees and public transit.
    * Conduct national review of government and private insurance providers.
    * Restore Louisiana’s coastline.
    * Promote economic growth.

    Peter Beary (Lib.):
    * Abolish income tax; establish a 23 percent national sales tax.
    * Pass balanced budget amendment to Constitution, restricting government spending and requiring three-fifths majority to override.
    * Pass presidential line-item veto amendment requiring two-thirds majority to override.
    * Privatize Social Security.

    Bobby Jindal (Rep.):
    * Rebuild from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
    * Create jobs.
    * Provide affordable access to high-quality healthcare.
    * Support faith-based organizations.

  4. And Bobby Jindal pays allegiance to the United States of America?

    Not my America.

  5. Becky said

    23 percent sales tax?! Yikes. It doesn’t get much more regressive than that.

  6. Lenny Zimmermann said

    Actually I agree that the “Fair Tax” is fairly regressive (although it should be noted that it is contingent on the removal of income tax and there are prebates for the poor.) I’d rather see a flat tax or at least a straight graduated tax, no deductions.

    Still, when all is said and done I know where Beary would be headed in the long term. I MIGHT have considered voting Democratic if the Dems had been smart enough not to split their own vote with 2 Dems in the race, but when all is said and done it’s just not a contended district. The old farts in this District can’t seem to see anything other than Republican (and “family values”, whatever the hell THAT’S supposed to mean.) Issues are just seemingly irrelevant.

    Still, with a Libertarian in the race I don’t have to ask what his stance is on those other issues, I already have a pretty good idea what they are. Especially on the national level where folks like Jindal are passing some of the most egregious legislation that so vastly affect everyone in this nation more then just here (Military Commissions Act and renewal/permanence of PATRIOT, anyone?)

    BTW, Beary had publicly declared the usual Libertarian stance on the War in Iraq, which is to get our troops home as fast as we can safely do so. Sorry, but I see only statements of problems from the Dems, not SOLUTIONS. Solutions are all I hear from the Libertarian side and that is why I did vote my conscience yesterday by voting Libertarian.

    Today I’m actually pretty happy, though. Dem control, at least in the House, means governmental gridlock. And the only non-libertarian solution to even remotely have a chance of keeping the behemoth in check is gridlock. Maybe Shrub will actually remember he has a Veto stamp.

  7. Could Libertarians take both houses of Congress Lenny?

    Thank God for all of the good Republicans who stayed home, and voted for Democrats. It would have been nice if Libertarians shelved their partisan agenda for a day to throw out the Republicans. Ah well, no sweat — the rest of us did it on our own.

  8. Lenny Zimmermann said

    Oh I know plenty of Libertarians who were happy to vote Dem this time around. Just not in this state. I’M happy for those who voted Dem! (Something you can’t seem to read in my statements above, for some odd reason.) My voting Dem would have meant absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zilch, in District 1. Certainly Libs could not have taken both houses of Congress, but so what? Any Libertarians who would have been voted in (and there are a few Libertarians amongst the Dems and Reps there, mind you. Ron Paul, anyone?) would have happily remembered their sworn duty to protect to constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and would happily remind the Executive branch that that Congress is meant to be a check on the Shrub power grab. And is that not, after all, one of the biggest complaints by Democrats these days? And more power to them for it!

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