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EarthLink drumroll …

Posted by schroeder915 on November 4, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen. I proudly present the latest technological and societal breakthrough in the advancement of the 21st century communications revolution: media democracy.


The EarthLink New Orleans free citywide wireless network is one of the first of its kind in the United States. This is an example of the progress that can be achieved in New Orleans if we put our minds to it, and if others, like EarthLink, realize the fantastic potential to create a model city of the future.

This is the first time I’ve seen the EarthLink connection come up on my wireless card. I can’t connect just yet, but I’m hoping the network will be tuned — or maybe more hubs are on the way.

The free service promises to be faster than dial-up, and the subscription service should give BellSouth DSL and Cox Cable a run for their money.

This is truly exciting!


4 Responses to “EarthLink drumroll …”

  1. humidhaney said

    Too bad the contract had to be dirty like all other things in the city.

    City wide wi-fi is good, but watch as Cox wins out in the end anyway. 2 times actually they make a profits due to the Earthlink deal.

  2. humidhaney said

    Also, talk about a new design to the blog! I like it. Nice and clean.

  3. Francis Puertos said

    Ok so here is another bone head senator from Massachusetts (we all have em)that thinks it is ok to keep Windmills of site of the gated communities on the cape and islands so that other people in more remote parts of the country can look at oilrigs and coal strip mines. Nevermind the oil spills, pollution, mercury, and global warming.

    But he does seem to be on the right side or at least the right track with his stance on this issue. Check out his message on Net Nuetrality here.

  4. Chris Hebert said

    Schroder you left wing nut job, why don’t you write a story about how Michael J Fox could of done a better job of faking his symptons?

    You know the Republicans want to start their own public media outlet. They hope for the GOPBS to go live soon but the first thing they are going to do is get rid of Barney — Their rational: “Dinosars never really existed, it was whole scheme made up to discredit creationism”.

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