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Louisiana blog revolt spotlighted in The Nation

Posted by schroeder915 on September 1, 2006

I’m so disappointed in myself for not catching this before Fix the Gulf, but I’m proud, nonetheless, to see that The Nation featured local bloggers in the September 18th issue, recognizing our work to celebrate and save New Orleans (suggested links).

Thanks to Michael Tisserand for discovering the emerging Louisiana citizen journalism and online activism that’s been flying well below the radar of the mainstream press.

As I’ve said before, Louisiana bloggers have created a remarkable community of storytelling, mutual support, news and information, humor and opinion about Katrina and Rita recovery in Louisiana.

It’s a revolution in media. I think I heard Loki compare it to the greatest thing to happen to publishing since the Gutenburg Press.

From the cultural heart of America, from the city of carnival, we are fomenting a revolutionary transformation of thought and spirit which I hope will help inspire the rest of the nation to rebel against a corporate ruling class which has taken over our democracy, turned our benevolent principles upside down in the quest for profit, killed our sons and daughters in wars for oil, cheated us out of vital infrastructure projects needed to protect lives, abandoned our people in need, and hawked our childrens’ futures to China.

As we move forward, all Americans would be wise to remember that as New Orleans goes, so goes the rest of the nation, and failure is not an option!


8/26/2006 Community Gumbo — The Hurricane Katrina One-Year Anniversary Episode

PGR — Disaster, carnival, and revolution

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10 Responses to “Louisiana blog revolt spotlighted in The Nation”

  1. Editor B said

    Wow. Suspect Device made their list of suggested links twice.

  2. It is very nice of the Nation to give us this attention.

    We seem to be getting more attention from national media as of late.

    I do want it to continue to be positive attention.

  3. Now you are talking! or where you before?

    Make some noise,


  4. Schroeder said

    When we piss off Fox News, then I’ll know we’re making an impact.

  5. Dambala said

    how do we do that?…piss off Fox. We have to figure out a way to get you, Adrostos, eryster, Ashley or somebody on O’Reilly and get into a bitch slapping fest.

  6. This is great news – and well-deserved all around.

    Cheers and kudos.

  7. Maitri said

    No, no, honey, there were a few great things to happen since the invention of the Gutenberg Press, including the invention of the internet (hello?) and Project Gutenberg. Remember, we ride on the shoulder of giants, so that we may be those shoulders ourselves some day. One step at a time – let’s not develop the “frog in the well” mentality about our own work.

    Otherwise, good on us for getting into The Nation.

  8. Schroeder said

    Yes, other important inventions since the GP (is that allowed?), the typewriter, the movable press, the 33 1/3 rpm long playing record, the personal computer, oh yeah, the sexual revolution, and let’s not forget ice cream. Thanks Maitri.

  9. Maitri said

    I was referring to revolutionary technologies that brought the power of information to the people, but, hey, ain’t nothin’ wrong with fre sex or free icecream.

    We seem to be getting more attention from national media as of late.

    a) It’s the first anniversary of Katrina.
    b) We’re entering Election season. Boo!

  10. Schroeder said

    Yeah Maitri, I know — but I’ll get attention anyway I can, even if it takes ice cream or a revolution.–>

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