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“Katrina was devastating, but so was State Farm”

Posted by schroeder915 on August 25, 2006

God bless ’em — on ABC World News and 20/20 tonight (HT: Anthony):

State Farm Insurance supervisors systematically demanded that Hurricane Katrina damage reports be buried or replaced or changed so that the company would not have to pay policyholders’ claims in Mississippi, two State Farm insiders tell ABC News. …

“Katrina was devastating, but so was State Farm,” says Cori Rigsby.

At one point, they say State Farm brought in a special shredding truck they believe was used to destroy key documents. …

The sisters say they saw supervisors go to great lengths to pressure outside engineers to prepare reports concluding that damage was caused by water, not covered under State Farm policies, rather than by wind.

They say reports that concluded that damage was caused by wind, for which State Farm would have to pay, were hidden in a special file and new reports were ordered.

ABC viewer/reader comments.


ABC News — A Tale of Three Engineering Reports

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