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XOXO Big Easy Roller Girls

Posted by schroeder915 on July 30, 2006

I got some merch,

won a raffle T-shirt, saw my old blog friend Ray and one of my favorite people from back in the day, Jason, who now plays in A Clockwork Elvis, and won a little-boy’s-dream-come-true experience on the first try at the wheel (thanks for being such a good sport Laura) — although it seems apparent that Laura rigged the wheel! 🙂


The Big Easy Roller Girls: Through Hell and High Water

7/29/2006 Community Gumbo

Sunday morning music: Nicolas Maw, “Violin Concerto,” Joshua Bell, LPO.


7 Responses to “XOXO Big Easy Roller Girls”

  1. Woo hoo, Schroeder! Looks like you had a good time! But I wanta see YOU on some skates.

  2. Lisa said

    I wanna know exactly what that “big boy’s dream experience” was. ;-D

  3. Looks like someone had a great time.

  4. The spouse rollgergirl was keeping close tabes on me so I didn’t get any hugs from any of the others, but there was some serious eye candy on wheels in there.

  5. Schroeder said

    I’d fall flat on my ass if I put on a pair of skates TM.

    Lisa, I’ll show you mine offline if you show me yours offline …

    It was a great time Donnie. We’ll have to get you into town one of these days for some local blogger entertainment.

    Who wouldn’t fall for a hunk-a-lovin’ woman on wheels Ray!

  6. Laura said


    Got directed to your blog after your post about the Community Gumbo show.

    I’ve got pictures of the intimate moment we shared but I don’t have the guts to link to them publicly.

    Anyway, it was nice meeting you.


  7. Schroeder said

    Yeaaa! Hi Laura. Thanks for the nice comment. That’s okay about the photo of our intimate moment. I will treasure that moment forever (hee hee).

    Actually, I saw the picture. But what about the picture of *you* doing what you did to me? You looked like you got more gratification out of it than I did. I guess it’s always just more exciting to give than to receive.

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