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You gotta have faith

Posted by schroeder915 on July 28, 2006

Saints fans are only bested by Packers fans (in my estimation) in their ranking among the most die-hard in the NFL. Year after year, the Saints turned out pitiful winning records, but Saints fans kept buying tickets.

Why? Because the Saints have a name, a logo, team colors, and a spirit which, despite the odds, reflect the unique cultural character of New Orleans.

The Saints have only had trouble selling tickets when owner Tom Benson threatened to move the team.

Now, WWL is reporting that every single season ticket has been sold for the coming season. While there remain some suites that haven’t sold, this is a testament to the pride of Saints fans in one of the important symbols of their home here on the Gulf Coast — and their hope in Reggie Bush.


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5 Responses to “You gotta have faith”

  1. jeffrey said

    I’m suspicious about these season ticket sales. New Orleans loves and supports the Saints and I’m totally willing to buy into the idea that season ticket sales are up this year due to post-katrina pride, the new coach, Reggie Bush, etc… but a complete sell out of the dome? Something else is going on here. Traditionally we are a last-minute walk-up crowd kind of town. A Sell out of the entire dome in advance of the season leads me to suspect that many of these tickets are being purchased by someone other than actual Saints fans. But who? One theory would have the league arranging for large block sales to sponsors as a PR favor of sorts. You’ll know something is wrong at mid-season when “sold out” games feature empty seats in the terrace. I’m basing this on absolutely nothing.. just a weird hunch.

  2. Schroeder said

    How about contractors?

  3. jeffrey said

    Whatever it is something is definitely different. This isn’t like us.

  4. ashley said

    They’re all just heeding my advice (he says, knowing that the 6 people who read his crap already have tickets).

  5. Mr. Clio said


    Trust me: it won’t be the Terrace that’s empty.

    It’ll the “Club” section or, as Dillyberto like to call it, “the Metairie of the Superdome.” You know, come late, leave early, boo at the earliest opportunity. Then complain about the traffic as you leave late in the third quarter. Then lie to everybody and tell them you were there to see the Saints’ comeback. That “Club” section.

    Trust me: the Terrace will be rocking. And Bush will be signed within six days.

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