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Jesus Dress Up!

Posted by schroeder915 on July 21, 2006

WWJD on a Friday afternoon after a long week at the office?

Play Jesus Dress Up, of course!

Afraid the big guy doesn’t have a sense of humor? Try Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls instead.

Hat tip: KS.


12 Responses to “Jesus Dress Up!”

  1. adrastos said

    Praise be. Is this part of Christ Fest?

  2. Tara said

    I adore NormalBobSmith…been a big fan of his site for a while. I actually have some of his first run magnets on my fridge. Funny he would turn up here. He would be pleased. Do you MySpace?

  3. adrastos said

    I’m so bored that I spent 10 minutes dressing Jay-sus. At one point he had a fetching combination of devil’s horns and cat in the hat…um…hat

  4. Schroeder said

    Christ Fest? I don’t know about that, but I used to have a friend who’s dad was a Mormon, and he liked to “dress up” around the house. I don’t think his missionary brothers in Christ would approve.

    No, I don’t do MySpace. It’s too busy, and besides, isn’t that Microsoft’s entry into the blog world?

  5. Hey, I want an alter boy to (un)dress!

  6. One 18 or over, of course…..

  7. Lisa said

    Mermaid, I’ll bet I know why you want an alterboy over the age of 18. It’s because the priests have already claimed the rest.

    I’ve played Jesus Dress Up before. Good fun. But The Catholic School Girl site frustrated me because I could roll the skirt. (I don’t need to explain this, right?)

  8. Schroeder said

    Miss C aka TM — do I have to be an altar boy? Or would you settle for a choir boy?

    Ha, Lisa! Thank God for all the good altar boys who weren’t corrupted by priests.

    You mean “couldn’t” roll the skirt I’m guessing, in which case … uh … I’m not completely familiar with the concept never having owned a skirt, but I’d bet that more than a few Mormon girls, and even a few Mormon boys (apparently), roll their skirts.

  9. Choir boys are good too. Beware, though, I tested 44% evil in an How Evil Are You test on another site. In the explanation: “You are on your way to world domination”. Hell,yeah!

  10. Lisa said

    No self-respecting Catholic school girl ever accepted the skirt length rules, (“2″ above the floor when kneeling” during my days.) As soon as you passed the measure, you just rolled the skirt up at the waist to make it as short as you wanted.

    For my 40th birthday, I had a party and rather than it be a “come as you are” sort of thing, the theme was, “come as you wish you were or are glad you’re not.” I wore my Dominican uniform, complete with saddle oxfords, rolled sleeves and rolled skirt. So guess which category I put myself in. (My mother, came as a red-headed nun, which I interpreted to mean that perhaps she wished she’d never had kids.)

  11. Schroeder said

    Oh that’s what rolling your skirt means. I thought it might mean changing into other clothes and rolling your skirt up to store it.

    Uh … I’d have had to show up on a Harley sporting a pair of chaps with holes cut in them to show my buns.

    Gotta do it while you can, ‘cuz when you get too much older, it might just all “Depend” (hee hee) on whether or not you can hold your own.

  12. Lisa said

    So does that mean you would have fallen into the category of come as you wish you were? I probably should clarify that I was definitely dressed for the glad you’re not category. Once was definitely enough. Actually, it was more than enough.

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