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“Buy some dirt in New Orleans”

Posted by schroeder915 on July 3, 2006

That’s what Mayor Ray Nagin was telling people to do at the Essence Festival being held in Atlanta Houston this year.

What else could Ray Ray possibly suggest that people do when he hasn’t produced a plan that would encourage people to buy anything more than a mound of dirt? Why, after all, would anyone want to buy a flooded house, or rebuild a flooded home, when Ray Ray still hasn’t elaborated a plan for how neigborhoods will be rebuilt, how to efficiently allocate $10 billion in Louisiana Recovery Authority funds, what the fiscal situation of the city is, and when he hasn’t said anything about Category 5 storm protection or restoring Louisiana’s coast?

Ray Ray is getting more comfortable with his peeps, announcing that black New Orleanians should work together in the future to prevent being neglected by the government.

Speaking of the slow response time after the hurricane, he said blacks must work together to assure it never happens again.

“We have a lack of unity and a lack of strategy,” he said. “We need a clear agenda for moving on as this next presidential election approaches.”

What an ironic perspective from a guy who won his re-election promising a plan, but who still hasn’t produced anything that would benefit the people who elected him!



2 Responses to ““Buy some dirt in New Orleans””

  1. Anonymous said

    Houston, not Atlanta.

  2. Schroeder said

    First word in the story. My bad. Thanks.

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