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Ray Ray’s vision thing

Posted by schroeder915 on June 27, 2006

Understatement of the year:

“I’ve come to the strong realization we’re not set up for post-Katrina.”

Ray Nagin

Well, Ray Ray, welcome to our world! Unfortunately, you’re about ten months four years too late!

And what’s this, Ray Ray actually has a vision for the future of the city he thought he’d share with his vassals:

Despite the bleak financial situation, Nagin painted a hopeful picture of the city he would like to see when his term ends in 2010.

By that point, he said, he hopes the population west of the Industrial Canal — what he calls the “Mid-City bowl” — will have surpassed pre-Katrina levels; that there will be “clarity” about whether and how eastern New Orleans will be redeveloped; that most public housing developments will be reconfigured; that tourism will be close to pre-Katrina levels; that a Canal Street makeover will be complete; that riverfront development will be under way; and that public schools will be showing marked improvement.

Susan Simon, I know how you’re feeling:

It has been many weeks since Mayor Ray Nagin was re-elected. Where is he?

Anyone elected at such a crucial time in New Orleans’ history should be giving us weekly updates, words of encouragement and state of the city speeches. He failed to communicate to us right after the storm and now he is failing again. I need to know what is happening!

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