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American soldiers killed in Iraq now number 2500

Posted by schroeder915 on June 15, 2006


“It’s a number,” White House press secretary Tony Snow told reporters at the White House.

Well it wouldn’t hurt then to point out a few more “numbers”:

  • 18,490 American soldiers wounded in Iraq.
  • 4,800 Iraqi police and security forces killed.
  • At least 30,000 Iraqi civilians killed, and probably tens of thousands more.
  • Over $288 billion nominally spent on the war in Iraq. The total spent will go into the trillions after equipment is replaced and lifelong veteran’s benefits are paid.
  • With the passage of a new “emergency” spending bill, the nominal amount spent in Iraq will rise to $320 billion.

2 Responses to “American soldiers killed in Iraq now number 2500”

  1. T. said

    It’s not a number. These are human beings we’re talking about–each who had lives and families to come back to.

  2. Schroeder said

    An incredibly poor choice of words by Snowball.

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