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How not to say you’re sorry

Posted by schroeder915 on May 25, 2006

2,458 American soldiers killed in Iraq; 17,648 injured.

Oh well … there may have been a couple of mistakes:

QUESTION: Mr. President, you spoke about missteps and mistakes in Iraq.

Could I ask both of you which missteps and mistakes of your own you most regret?

BUSH: Sounds like kind of a familiar refrain here.

Saying, “Bring it on”; kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people. I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner, you know. “Wanted, dead or alive”; that kind of talk. I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted. And so I learned from that.

BUSH: And, you know, I think the biggest mistake that’s happened so far, at least from our country’s involvement in Iraq, is Abu Ghraib. We’ve been paying for that for a long period of time.


One Response to “How not to say you’re sorry”

  1. Lenny Zimmermann said

    I heard that this morning on the radio. I was flabbergasted that our imperious leader felt that one of his biggest mistakes was saying “Bring it on”. It just tells me the man lives in a friggin’ bubble utterly unexposed to any real criticism other than that of his personal image. Saying “bring it on” was his big mistake? Yowsa!

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