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Map: Demographic support for Nagin

Posted by schroeder915 on May 24, 2006

In this exclusive PGR analysis, Both Nagin and Landrieu attracted considerable votes from both whites and blacks, but black support for Nagin was decisive, and crossover support by whites put Nagin over the top.

Precincts more than 50 percent African American voted more than two to one for Nagin: 35,874 for Nagin; 14,550 Landrieu.

Precincts more than 50 percent Caucasian voted almost three to one for Landrieu: 9,247 Nagin; 24,685 Landrieu.

Precincts 50 percent or less African American or Caucasian, and which have significant Hispanic or Asian populations:

Hispanic: 1508 Nagin; 2130 Landrieu.

Asian: 1126 Nagin; 1483 Landrieu.

Precincts that voted for Nagin were on average 85 percent African American, 11 percent Caucasian, 2 percent Hispanic, 1 percent Asian.

Precincts that voted for Landrieu were on average 21 percent African American, 69 percent Caucasian, 5 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian.

The balance of votes not accounted for in this analysis were absentee ballots, which split 50-50 between Nagin and Landrieu.

One reason for the support by blacks for Nagin is that, notwithstanding his verbal gaffes, (or perhaps because of them, as bayoutstjohndavid has argued), blacks understood Nagin as a person, and where he came from. When neither candidate distinguished himself on issues, blacks voted for the candidate with whom they felt they could more closely identify, and that candidate was Nagin.

All of the people I talked to in New Orleans East on Saturday had traveled into New Orleans to vote. All seemed very committed to exercising their right to vote, even though many were having a difficult time deciding who to vote for. A couple of girls I talked to drove in from Houston for the day. One had already voted for Nagin, the other seemed extremely troubled by the election, expressing frustration that she didn’t have enough facts to go on. The two sat together in their car for a long time talking it over before the undecided girl went in to vote.

The New York Times did a demographic analysis of the election illustrating the trend of black support for Nagin.


Map: Nagin v. Landrieu election results

Map: Precinct percentages for Nagin and Landrieu

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