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MSNBC/WDSU mayoral debate was pathetic

Posted by schroeder915 on May 17, 2006

I didn’t watch the mayoral debate last night. I can’t stand Chris Matthews and Norm Robinson. It sounds like my attitude was only confirmed by the “moderators” grandstanding their own egos rather than getting citizens’ questions answered.

The goal of an interviewer or moderator is to not make himself the focus of the interview:

Robinson, the local anchor, also seemed bent on arguing with the candidates himself rather than having them argue with one another.

Robinson is smart, but instead seems to like to parade his status more than his professional skills.

The goal of an interviewer or moderator should be to ask questions that elicit useful information.

Over and over, Matthews moved back to trying to draw out the candidates’ positions on national issues unlikely to be of much relevance to local voters.

What was the purpose of Matthews quizzing Nagin and Landrieu what they think about John McCain or Hillary Clinton?

My answer is that Matthews asked about what he knows (useless gossip), or talked about his streetwise prejudices (blaming local politicians exclusively for the failed federal levees). He didn’t do any homework to prepare questions that might elicit information that would actually help voters decide which candidate would be the best mayor to rebuild New Orleans.



4 Responses to “MSNBC/WDSU mayoral debate was pathetic”

  1. Marco said

    All smoke screen shit. Anything to avoid the real questions and answers that face the City and its people.

  2. Lisa said

    Yeah those questions annoyed me too, I kept thinking WTF? Lets get back to the important issues and hear more from the candidates, not the moderators….

  3. Michael said

    You’re dead-on accurate about Matthews…I watched the debate, but kept having to leave the room.

    Tweety was/is badly informed, but hugely egotistical…over and over he kept blathering about the city being below sea level/so why rebuild…and close to the end, actually suggested, without any trace of irony, that it was politically acceptable for the federal goverment to let the city die, because it’s a Democratic stronghold.

    I wish a tornado would rip Matthews’s house to shreds…preferably with him in it.

  4. Schroeder said

    I continue to be dumbfounded! How can these guys claim to be serving the public interest when they behave with all the professionalism of kids in a high school locker room?

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