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“If you’re breathing, you should be morally outraged”

Posted by schroeder915 on May 2, 2006

Chances are that if you visit PGR, you probably also read Your Right Hand Thief. But if you don’t, you should — especially now, as YRHT posted a link to a recent Sports Illustrated Peter King column in which he focused on … no, not the draft … but on the “inexcusable, irresponsible, borderline criminal national disgrace” that is the pace of recovery in New Orleans:

I know you come to this column to read about football, sports and other things. I’ll get to the regular Tuesday fare, your e-mails, in a few paragraphs. First, there’s something a little more significant to discuss. …

I am ashamed of this country for the inaction I saw everywhere. …

Am I ticked off? Damn right I’m ticked off. If you’re breathing, you should be morally outraged. Katrina fatigue? Hah! More Katrina news! Give me more! Give it to me every day on the front page! Every day until Washington realizes there’s a disaster here every bit as urgent as anything happening in this world today — fighting terrorism, combating the nuclear threat in Iran. I’m not in any way a political animal, but all you have to be is an occasionally thinking American to be sickened by the conditions I saw.

There’s more over at Your Right Hand Thief.


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