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Thank you Stephen Colbert

Posted by schroeder915 on May 1, 2006

For so courageously and intelligently making the Bush administration eat the same crap it’s been dishing out to the American people.

Crooks and Liars commented on how the mainstream press is underreporting what was a highly embarrassing performance for President Bush to have to smile through at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday.

Daily Kos has a complete transcript.

C-Span (at least for now) has the video (look in the “Recent Programs” listing under the “Video/Audio” section in the center column of the home page), or just hit this link to fire up the video.

You can also view the video at the Democratic Underground.

I may post audio sometime today — check back for an update.

5/01/06 update: Okay, I’m not posting the audio. It’s a little under 10 MB, so lacking a decent host, I’m going to instead point readers to a Web site which I found has a much more robust video server (no endless buffering) — or at least which is getting fewer hits than C-Span and Democratic Underground. Anyway, the reactions to Colbert by Bush and other members of the audience are as interesting as Colbert is amusing. You Tube part 1, part 2, and part 3.

How does Colbert keep a straight face? Is it because what he’s talking about is really more frightening than it is humorous?

5/02/06 update:

Objecting to mainstream press reports that Colbert’s humor was not in good taste are the following opinions:

Greg Mitchell, “When the President Joked About Not Finding WMD,” Editor & Publisher.

Michael Scherer, “The truthiness hurts,”

Tim Grieve, “Why Colbert matters,”

Thank You Stephen Colbert

Lafayette blogger Ian McGibboney, Not Right About Anything


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