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Impeach Bush banner flies over Jazz Fest

Posted by schroeder915 on April 30, 2006


The story from a reliable source who attended Jazz Fest today was that a plane was flying over the fairgrounds pulling an “Impeach Bush” banner.

I’d like to shake the hand of the person who paid for that.

Hat tip: MM.


6 Responses to “Impeach Bush banner flies over Jazz Fest”

  1. jazzmike said

    Why do politics have to be dragged into everything…being a jazz musician and avid listener of all things jazz,this is our time to get away from all the BS…lets keep it musical…

  2. Lenny Zimmermann said

    Since when is music non-political? Musicians will always make music to go along with what they feel passionate about, after all, some sometimes they feel passionate about politics. So it’s always in everything. *shrug*

  3. ashley said

    Not only did it fly over, but the crowd around me cheered like crazy when it did.

  4. Anonymous said

    I was at the Fest all three first weekend days, but never noticed the Impeach Bush banner. There was hardly a performer who didn’t make similar comments. Don Vappie, for example, said he wasn’t going to criticize the incompetents by name, and then “coughed” Brown/Bush, and urged the Economy Hall tent to be sure to vote.

    This festival is not in an international playland like Montreux, or Ascona, or Disneyland. It’s in New Orleans where cultural and political expression are integral parts of our musical heritage. If you didn’t sense some of that in, for example, the “rise up” chorus in visting performer Springsteen’s “My City In Ruins,” you’re plainly missing the point.

    –Unregistered 76

  5. Schroeder said

    After reading the great comments from everyone — including the food for thought by jazzmike — I just have to wonder how we could possibly ever “get away from all the BS” being thrust upon us *and future generations* by the Bush administration. It would be nice, I suppose, if we lived in an Elysian Fields where there was nothing to complain about, but there’s no escaping it — especially in places like New Orleans which remains a devastated wasteland because of President Bush’s gross failure to adequately respond. The very fact of who was present at Jazz Fest this year speaks volumes about who was able to be there and why.

  6. I saw the banner. I was at the Acura stage. It was during or right around Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello’s set. Everyone cheered very loudly. I remember thinking during Springsteen that I wished the Impeach Bush plane would come back instead of the Vantage Towers ad. Jazzmike, everything is political now. We are entering an era that will remind us of nothing so much as the 1960s.

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