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One billion cars by 2020

Posted by schroeder915 on April 20, 2006

About one car for every six people.

Say goodbye to the coast? This is serious sh*t man! We have to kill the machine that profits from destroying the environment.



One Response to “One billion cars by 2020”

  1. Lenny Zimmermann said

    Reduction of automotive use in teh United States wouldn;t even make a dent, environmentally, compared to the use of fossil fuels industrially in China and India. Besided the biggest polluter in the U.S. isn’t a bunch of automobiles anyway. It’s our own government and government sponsored energy suppliers.

    Of course many environmentalists are also against the primary energy-producing method that would greatly reduce the amount of pollution produced in this country, and as such nuclear power has somehow gotten a bad name. I think it’s pretty important for folks with real concerns about the environemnt to really take a serious, hard look at nuclear energy, find out the real facts, the real safety record and reconsider supporting one of the cleanest and efficient energy supply methods known to mankind.

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