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Liars are impeached

Posted by schroeder915 on April 19, 2006

It is not an option. This is what the Constitution tells us we should do with presidents who lie to the American people. It’s the most egregious crime of any that could be committed against our democracy — especially when the lie isn’t about a blow job, but is instead a deliberate and systematic issuance of lies in the prosecution of a questionable war where now 2,375 American soldiers have been killed, 17,269 have been wounded, and the long-term costs soar well beyond a trillion dollars.

John Nichols’ thoughts reflect my own on the Rumsfeld uproar:

Doesn’t the current crisis have more to do with the administration’s misguided project of regime change and nation building than with the approach that Rumsfeld has taken to it?

If the problem is with the project, then shouldn’t the focus be on the serious task of removing Bush and Cheney, rather than the cosmetic change of names of the office of the Secretary of Defense?

While there is no question that Rumsfeld should go, there ought to be some question about whether extracting one rotten apple from the barrel will cure what ails this administration.


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