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“I hear the voices”

Posted by schroeder915 on April 18, 2006

The theocratic monkey boy king pronouncicated:

I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation. But I’m the decider, and I decide what is best.

1) Should he be medicated if he’s hearing voices?

2) Bravo! The president of the United States reads the front page. I’d have hoped he could get a little further into the paper — maybe read two or three papers. And is he holding the front page right side up?

3) “I’m the decider?” Uh … your eloquence is staggering. Where did you go to college? What a pity for Yale!


3 Responses to ““I hear the voices””

  1. Sophmom said

    Don’t you imagine he’s already medicated? I’m fairly certain he was on old fashioned tranqs in the second debate, last time around. He’s a mess, a disaster in his own right.

  2. Rob said

    My favorite part is “I decide what’s best.” Oh, really? Like Harriet Myers? Like going on to “read” at school after a commercial airliner had struck the WTC? Like…what’s the point in recounting his decisions? But he’s “the” decider. One would hope that the “voices” he hears are those of various military leaders and other experts; and yet he always “decides” to go with his “gut” instead of the “facts.” What’s amazing is that he thinks he decides “what’s best” when he clearly decides “what’s worst.”

  3. Schroeder said

    God save the King! Where would we be were it not for his divine wisdom?

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