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Hello Reston

Posted by schroeder915 on April 17, 2006

The main reason why I look at the statcounter data of visitors to PGR is to find new Katrina bloggers. Almost daily, PGR gets multiple hits from a peculiar location. I also find curious the fact that the server is a proxy.

It could just be a market research company — or is it a cover for something else? Anyone know of another “research company” in Reston? Am I just paranoid?

Then again, it might just be AOL — the evil empire. Or should we question why America Online is based in Reston, and why it has with such fervor tried to take over the world of internet access?


8 Responses to “Hello Reston”

  1. Marco said

    It’s probably the NSA.

  2. rcs said

    I’ve driven by AOL’s Reston campus at night, and remember ominous concrete towers spewing steam (probably the physical plant.) Hits from on of their proxy servers probably means that enough AOL users have visited your site to trigger their cache (they keep copies of many sites on their servers to speed access.) Not sure what that does to your page count.

    Anyway, I thought Google was the front-runner in the evil Internet/world domination category!

  3. jaybirdo said

    My sister-in-law lives right next to AOL campus. She used to be MCI/WorldCom employee before they wen’t belly up. Which brings me to point….NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. are mostly running on UUNET backbone in D.C. area. That’s why WorldCom wasn’t dissovled in bankruptcy proceedings and allowed to “reorganize”. They couldn’t allow UUNET (WorldCom’s largest asset) to be potentially bought up by foreign investor. UUNET now belongs to Verizon.

    So I think your AOL traffic is good thing…not BB.

    Or maybe I’m a mis-information agent 🙂

  4. polimom said

    Well, if it’s anything other than aol, they’ve been visiting polimom for months.

    There are several from Reston that regularly hit my blog.

    You’re making me paranoid, Schroeder! lol….

  5. Rob said

    Now that you mention it, I’ve been getting hits from Reston for most of the time I’ve been blogging. I figured there was just a reader in that area, but you never know. Funny that the most overtly chilling visitor I’ve had was from CENTCOM, but it turns out he’s the webmaster and has been visiting everyone who’s linked to their site (and he’s very nice). So…is that comforting? Probably not. But it’s just to say that without more information we’re in the dark.

  6. Rob said

    So, of course, immediately after writing that comment, I check Statcounter and find that an AOL server in Reston just followed a PGR link to realitique. Damn crawlers.

  7. Lisa said

    It’s just an AOL user. I’ve been able to test and verify that anyone using AOL appears that way in your stats -and the comment about your site making it to the cache is accurate as well.

    Right around the time of the presidential election, I was getting all kinds of hits from DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) and various DOD and government addresses, which caused what I think was a bit of justifiable paranoia. But I’m still here.

  8. Schroeder said

    Pretty interesting responses all. Lisa, still here?

    They’re just widening the dragnet to bring down the whole conspiracy of liberal bloggers.

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