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Butler for mayor … of Gretna?

Posted by schroeder915 on April 15, 2006

Now that really would be ironic justice!

I’m not sure she’s getting the biggest bang for the buck with a billboard facing the West Bank Expressway, just inside Gretna, but then again, she probably doesn’t have many bucks and I’d bet the rent is cheap.

M- pointed out that she’s probably thinking she’s can reach displaced voters commuting into New Orleans. Maybe she’s appealing to some of the criminals displaced to the West Bank. Perhaps she befriended a few when she spent time in the slammer herself.

In fairness, I should say that I like Kimberly Williamson Butler.

“What?!!,” you say.

It’s true. In a previous life, I used to run into her at City Hall. She was always extremely cordial, interested in who I was, and willing to help. She struck me as the sort of person who would go the extra mile to help someone out — a “can do” type of person.

I think she was exiled from City Hall because she didn’t fit in with the boys’ club. I remember being struck by the fact that in the normal course of conducting business, there was time for things like fantasy football conversation. Now, it’s probably true that hard-working, very capable people can play games during the day in between hours of high productivity. On the other hand, it’s highly unprofessional behavior, and quite alien to those who have no interest in such nonsense, and who are simply there to do a job.

Yes, I like Kimberly Williamson Butler — as a person. I can also say, however, that in my television channel surfing, I’ve stopped a couple of times on one or another evangelical stations to see KWB being praised for doing the work of God to save the city of New Orleans. It may require the work of God to save the city, but to immodestly allow yourself to assume a messianic role is a little whacked. I know someone who was once invited to attend a service at KWB’s church. She said she’d never seen such craziness — pentecostal baptist lunatics speaking in tongues, falling on the floor, and running around the room. My friend never went back to that church. It does explain a lot about KWB though — why for example she seemed to be struck with a bolt of lightning in spontaneously declaring herself a candidate for mayor, literally on the heels of saying she was a lousy clerk of court.

Simply amazing! I love Kimberly Williamson Butler. You know, I don’t like the way she draws attention away from things we need to be talking about — serious things — but my God, what a character! She offers more of what I’ve sometimes come to think of as the “magic realism” of living in New Orleans at this particular time in history. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more interesting character!

4/16/06 update:

Butler for mayor of Disneyland (via Humid Haney, via Boing Boing), Butler for mayor of Toontown, and despite the possibility of a law suit by Disney and ongoing ridicule, the image remains on the KWB Web site.


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