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Republican legislators should be fired

Posted by schroeder915 on April 14, 2006

The Daily Advertiser
Apr 12, 2006

Louisiana Republicans are betraying the Constitution. Charles Boustany, Bobby Jindal, Jim McCrery, Rodney Alexander, Richard Baker and David Vitter have forgotten that Congress is a co-equal branch of government and it is not subordinate to the president.

What Republicans do not realize is that the corruption of their party is so blatant that even a child can see it. Republican leadership has allowed big corporate contractors in Iraq and New Orleans to steal taxpayer dollars, endangering the lives of our troops and undermining rebuilding plans. They have created an inept homeland security agency, security policies that sell our country to the highest bidder, and allow our president to spy on Americans unchecked. The Republican-controlled House and Senate have created the largest deficit in the history of mankind.

Louisiana needs to fire all of these Republicans and send Democrats to Congress. Mary Landrieu has been pleading for a remedy for coastal erosion and Charlie Melancon has been fighting for our Louisiana citizens for years.

The Democratic plan is simple – hire the best and brightest Americans we can find to manage our government agencies (instead of unqualified cronies), create an agenda that emphasizes real security for our nation, work for strong economic growth, provide affordable health care for all Americans and legislate for retirement security. If Republicans have amnesia, let me remind them that good Democratic programs created the largest middle class in the history of the world.

Richard Warren
Disabled American veteran


One Response to “Republican legislators should be fired”

  1. Right freakin’ on Brother!

    The Revolution does live, and we here in Louisiana are once again at the heart of it. It’s 1927 all over again, and America needs a new deal. (Demos… you’d better jump on this bandwagon or you will go the extinction path that the Repubs are walking.)

    ‘Nuff said.

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