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Forman gets TP endorsement

Posted by schroeder915 on April 9, 2006


The institute, under Mr. Forman’s leadership, has sponsored vital research into endangered species.

Maybe I should start using The Times-Picayune to line the litter box again.

Sure, I can understand why the Audubon Institute, under Ron Forman’s leadership, would need to research how species become endangered, because apparently — with the Audubon Institute building luxurious reception halls, like the Audubon Tea Room, out of Mahogany and Brazilian Cherry Wood — its leadership has to be either clueless, or malicious, or just a bunch of idiots (maybe I’m on to something there).

Anyone care for monkey on a stick?

Of course, the TP endorsement also fails to mention how Ron Forman turned to his inside circle of rich Audubon patrons when he bulldozed live oaks in Audubon Park to make room for an expansion of the golf course, frustrating public participation in the decision-making process along the way, and effectively initiating a privatization (an enclosure) of a public commons.

I’m now starting to think again that the TP may not be worth the roll it’s printed on.

Although, maybe Ron Forman is just misunderstood. Maybe, after all, habitat destruction and killing wildlife is for the greater good. If there’s one thing we know about Ron Forman, it’s that he knows how to raise money. I’ll bet Ron Forman could figure out a way to actually make money by posting dead monkeys on sticks in front of the Audubon Zoo.

The name “monkey stick” comes from a modern practice: in homage to the trained monkeys formerly used by buskers to solicit money from passers-by, a number of musicians have taken to fixing a small stuffed toy monkey to the tops of their instruments.


One Response to “Forman gets TP endorsement”

  1. I hate to keep sounding like a broken record on this, but obviously the T/P editors haven’t read Forman’s own book very carefully. If they want to say that he’s done done a good job of turning AI into a cash cow, or even running it as a business, that would be fine. Of course it would ignore the public subsidies. But they keeping claiming that he turned it around. Simply not true. I think you have to be from N.O. and over 40 to realize how big turning the zoo from embarassment to source of pride was to most people. I don’t think I’m being nit-picky and I’ll keep repeating it as long as Forman, Gambit and the T/P keep repeating it.

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